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Worth warming up before exercise

Since many people are referred into physical exercises, it is that the value of warming up compellingly, before each industrious activity should be discussed. Many have repeat a going through the preheating stage ignored, before they prepared and did not know in this kind the consequences.

Why preliminary heating? Some changes takes place in the body, as soon as physical activity is introduced. The breathing rate of a person, the blood circulation and the oxygen and nutrient level, which are supplied to the cells, increase. The rate of increase should be adjusted in a constant step, in order to prepare the body for the physical pressure, which exercise requires. If one does without this priming charge procedure, the body works smaller efficiently and training supplies fewer results of quality. Warming up preps up the nervous system, increases spirit consciousness and watchfulness, and solves above connections and muscles, around it less susceptibly to form to injuries. Preheating jump beginnings, which the liquid in the connections found and the risk for wear and tear lower muscles. There is the heart a usable period, in order to adjust and pump blood and nutrients above in muscles.

This is vital for older people, since they have fabrics, which are less supple; they have connections with less liquid and weaker hearts. Sudden exercise can produce cardiac infarcts to the older people.

How does a person warm up correctly? First she can be done in each possible procedure, to the heart made possible to strike faster. Simply and impact can go, or, if a cardiovascular equipment, how rudder haven machine or a bicycle is present, can do it is used. At an easy step begin, and the step, until heart impact rate itself increased and body temperature ascents then slowly increase. It importantly to notice that the step should be in the agreement to somebody present suitability level, in which the activity the person attraction and not exhausted leaves.

After you worked up a light (, time struck 3-5 minutes ago ago longer that is, if the person in a cold environment prepares), to sweat should dynamic expanding do. Expanding helps, if it total flexibility, particularly in the thorn, in which shoulder develops and within hip the ranges. The kind of expanding depends on the kind of occupation plans of a person, in order to engage itself in. For example if one imist term to play sport the recommended kind of expanding would be, which copies the movements, which took place in the court or in the field. If one imist term to do combat arts bright can savings ring in the quarter of the normal speed is taken place, or the movements in the slow motion straight simply to do. Surely its that the groups of major muscles are minimum expanded for 8 seconds. It is to be remembered necessarily to hold feet move or to leg exercises do, whenever the upper body is expanded, in order blood, at the summary to prevent in the legs to hold. Remember, one should do an expanding only if muscles are already warmed up. Do not strike with expanding. It leads to a contraction, the muscle tear devoted or to pull can.

For Weight lifters is this that should be done after the initial preliminary heating. The staff with approximately 50-60% of the heaviest for the learning section to be done weight loaded, and the number of repetitions would drive through, which took place for the heavy sentences. For the second sentence the weight to 80% is increased, then finally to 90% and is reduced to 2-3 repetitions. Afterwards for approximately 30 seconds, then the steps repeat remainder. After this preliminary heating one can turn into for heavy raising for the day now. The advantage of acting the procedure is that the heavy sentences can feel frightening less and be considerably accomplished now with less pressure.

After one warmed up and changed over to main training, down to cool down is evenly important. If a person stops to exercise suddenly weights, or to raise, blood in the muscle and oxygen seizes blocked. If this happens, a person the risk of having a cardiac infarct dies. So down cooling should having the same value as warming up.

Exercise is good for the health. Everyone lively to pump it above reminds straight, not to only remember of all necessary precautions to remain in order to maximize training, but surely and healthy also.