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White spirits do not have a Nhrwert and extraordinarily in its activity as corrective means are limited. Dr. Henry Monroe says, each kind substance assigned of the man, while food the sugar, strength, oil consists and of sticky affair, which is mixed together in the different portions. These are intended for the support of the animal framework. The sticky basic rules of Nahrungsmittelfibrine, – albumen and – kasein are used, in order to develop the structure, while the oil, which strength and the sugar is mainly used, around heat in the body to produce .

Now it is to be contained freely that, if white spirits are a food it is found, in order or several of these substances. It must in him any to give nitrogenous elements, which are found main in the meat, eggs, milk, vegetable and seeds, from which animal fabric and surplus repaired or which are established carbon-containing elements, are found those in the fat, strength and sugar, from which in consumption heat up and Kraft are developed.

The diversity of these groups of food, says Dr. Hunt, and their relations to the fabric-producing and heat-developing capacities of the man, is thus definite and thus confirmed by experiments on animals and by various tests of the scientific, physiological and clinical experience, no attempt to throw the classification away predominated. To be refused over a line of the demarcation regarding the delimitation is complete for the fabric or cell production so straight to be drawn and the other one again and force production by usual burn and each possible energy of the exchangeability under Specialnachfragen or under defective supply material from a multiplicity to heat up indeed untenable. This does not do few in invalid explains the fact that we are able, these as determined boundary stones to use .

Like these substances, if they are taken into the body, to be adapted and like it Kraft produce, for the chemist and for the physiologist admits far away to be, that, in view of which good laws is, to determine whether white spirits does or a Nhrwert does not possess. For years have ablest men in medical occupation this topic most careful study given and to have white spirits each well-known test subjected and to experiment, and result is that it, by which general agreement was excluded from the category of the fabric buildings food. We have never, say Dr. Hunt, seen however individual proposal that it would know thus act, and these a mixed assumption. An author (Hammond) thinks it possible the fact that it can participate in the combination with the products of the decay in the fabrics somehow and under certain circumstances could furnish their nitrogen for the setting up the new fabrics. Can be found no similarity in organic chemistry still to each possible proof in animal chemistry, around this assumption with the Areola of a possible hypothesis to surround.

Dr. Richardson says: White spirits do not contain a nitrogen; it does not have of the qualities of the structural buildings food; it is unable from into any from them to be converted; therefore it is not a food in each possible direction of its Seins a constructional means, if it develops the body. Carpenter of the Dr. – W.B. says: White spirits cannot supply nothing, that are substantial to the applicable food of the fabrics. Dr. Liebig says: Beer, wine, spirit, etc., an element, that of the participation in the structure of the blood, the muskulsen fiber or any part, that, is capable is the seat of the basic rule of the life does not supply. Dr. Hammond, in its grandstand lectures, in which it endorses the use of the white spirits in certain cases, says: It is not demonstratable that white spirits go through transformation in fabrics. Cameron, in its Manuel of the hygiene, says: There is nothing in the white spirits, with which any part of the body can be nourished. Dr. E. Smith, F.R.S., says: White spirits are not an applicable food. It obstructs nutrition. Area of the Dr. – T.K says: It is free that we must stop to regard white spirits as in each possible direction, a food .

, determining in this substance, Dr. Hunt, all possible fabric education components into its any combinations, still say as, are we above break able to pursue in the cell food still no proof either in the experience of the physiologists or the attempts of alimentarians, are not wonderful it that in it we should find neither the duration nor the realization of the constructional energy.

, In the white spirits if all do not find, from which the body be developed can, or its waste to be supplied, it is near examined regarding its heat-producing quality.

Production of the heat.

The first usual test for a strength-producing food, Dr. Hunt says, and to that the other food of this category reacts, is the production of the heat in the combination of the oxygen thereby. This heat means vital Kraft and is, in no small degree, a measure of the comparable value of the breathing food so called. If we can the capacities of the different food the fats, which examine strengths and the sugar, we the processes pursue and estimate, by which they are changed heat to develop and in vital Kraft, and can weigh. We find that the consumption of the carbon is by connection with oxygen the law that heat is the product and that the according-to-law result is Kraft, while the result of the connection of the hydrogen of the food with oxygen is water. If white spirits come at all under this category of the food, we expect with good reason to find some the proofs those attach to the hydrocarbons.

What then is the result of the experiments in this direction? They were led by long time intervals and with the largest care, by the men of the highest reaching in chemistry and in the physiology, and the result is given to H.R., jr., in these few words, by wood of the Dr. – in its Materia Medica. Nobody was able to determine in the blood of the usual results of its oxidation somehow. That is, nobody able was that white spirits burn, as fat or strength went through to find or sugars and so given heat to the body.

White spirits and reduction of the temperature.

instead of increasing, it; and it was used even into having a temperature as Antipyretikum. Like that uniform was the certification of the physicians in Europe and America regarding the cooling down effects of white spirits, says to this Dr. Wood, in its Materia Medica, this seems it not worthwhile, area with a discussion about the topic to occupy. Dear master, one the most scholarly participations to Zeimssens Cyclopaedia of the practice of medicine, 1875, says: I convinced myself for a long time, by direct experiments that white spirits, even in the relatively large doses, do not increase the temperature of the body either in the wohlen or ill people. Let so well this admits to the arctic Voyagers, which to become, even before physiologists the fact had demonstrated that with alcohol it dilutes instead of increasing had experienced to resist the temperature of the body, it that spirit decreased its energy, extreme cold weather. In the northern regions, Edward Smith says, it became that the entire exclusion of the spirit was necessary proven, in order to keep heat under these unfavorable conditions.

White spirits do not form you strongly.

If white spirits do not contain fabric building material still the body heat give, it cannot perhaps add its strength. Each kind energy, which can produce an animal, , says Dr. G. Budd, F.R.S., the mechanical energy to muscles, which chemical (or digest-promoting) energy of the stomach, which accumulates intellectual energy of the brain by the food of the organ, on which it depends. Yeast of the Dr. – F.R., of Edinburgh, after which discussion of the question, and educing, mentions proof: Of the kind of things, it is now seen, how impossible it is that white spirits can strengthen food of friendly any. Since it cannot stand for a part of the body, it can contribute organic strength not to its bind, or too locally specified energy consequently; and, since it comes out from the body, straight like it inside went, cannot it not producing by its fragmentation, heat strength.

Sir Benjamin Brodie says: Attraction means do not cause nervous energy; they make possible for you only, as it were, to use up which are left, and then leave it you more for lack of the remainder than before.

Baron Liebig, up to now back, like 1843, in its animal chemistry, the mistake of white spirits energy producing underlined. He says: The circulation appears gebeschleunigt at the expense of Kraft, those present is for voluntary movement, but without production to a larger quantity mechanical Kraft. In its newer letters he says again: Wine is rather redundantly to be manned, it followed constant by the expenditure of the energy , during, the material function of the food, energy to give is. It adds: These beverages promote the change of the affair in the body and are ensured consequently by an internal loss of the energy, which stops, because it not if one is used, external difficulties i.e. berwindt to be productive when working. That is, this large chemist that white spirits withdraw the energy of the system of settling from the useful work in the field or in the workshop explains, in order to clean the house of the Defilement of white spirits.

The late Dr. W. Brinton, physician to STR. Thomas’, in his large work about Ditetik, says: Careful observation leaves few doubts that a moderate dose of the beer or the wine would in most cases immediately decrease the gross weight, which could raise a healthy person. Spirit sharpness, accuracy of the conception and Zartheit of the directions are up to now opposite all by white spirits, how, which are incompatible the maximum efforts of each liquid fermented with the income of any moderate quantity. Individual glass is sufficient frequently to remove the edge understanding and body to reduce and their capacity on somewhat below their Verkollkommnung the work.

Yeast of the Dr. – F.R., F.S.A., writing concerning the white spirits as food, forms the following quotation of an attempt on suggestion beverages, published by Dr. H.R. moved makes, as long ago as 1847: White spirits are not the natural suggestion to any of our organs and therefore, the tasks, which are noticed due to its application, bend, to weaken the organ functioned up.

White spirits are unable from into each organic next basic rule to be adapted or converted, and therefore, cannot be considered as nutritious.

The strength, which will experience, after the use of the white spirits is not the new strength, which is added the system, but shows up in the designation in exercise of the nervous energy already existing.

The crucial exhaustive effects of white spirits, due to its attraction central characteristics, product an unnatural susceptibility to the diseased activity in all organs and this, if the abundance becomes superinduced, a fruitful source of the illness.

A person, of them habit in such an extent uses itself regarding, demands the daily use of the attraction means to repel removal can with a machine be compared, which works under high pressure. It becomes many more horrible the causes of the illness and subdivides certainly rather, than it would have done under more favourable circumstances.

The frequent white spirits had compensation are, with which a goal for the overcoming of the feelings by Debility, more are requested, and by constant repetition one period is managed at the same time in detail reached, if it cannot be done without, it is reaction by a temporary total change of the habits of the life.

Driven to the wall.

Not, that white spirits possess somehow direct feeding value, the medical advocates of its use find to the acceptance were driven that it is a kind secondary food, because them have the energy to retard the metamorphosis of the fabric. By the metamorphosis of the fabric, says Dr. Hunt becomes, this change means, which goes constantly on into the system, which refers a constant decay of the material; and avoidance of that, which any more food is not, area for this new supply material forming, which is breaks above, to support the life. Another medical author, if he refers to this metamorphosis, says: The value of this process for maintenance of the life is shown readily by the harmful effects, which after its disturbance to follow. If the unloading excrementitious of the substances is in each handicapped or shifted regard, these substances collect either in the blood or in the fabrics or in both. Due to this holding back and accumulation they will produce malicious and fast a Derangement of the vital functions. Their influence expenditure-experienced main after the nervous system, by which they finally produce most frequent attraction barness, disturbance of the special directions, Delirium, insensitivity, coma and, death.

This description, notes Dr. Hunt, seems nearly intended for white spirits. He says then: to maintain white spirits as food because she retards the metamorphosis of the fabric, it is, to state that it shifts the normal guidance of the laws of the Assimilation and the food, the waste and the repair on certain way. A prominent advocate of white spirits (Hammond) illustrates it therefore: White spirits retard the destruction of the fabrics. Produced by this destruction Kraft will become, contract muscles, thought developed, separates organs and to separate. out that is, white spirits of everything obstruct these. No miracle the author is not clear , as it does this, and we are not free, as such retarded metamorphosis genest.

Not a founder of the vital Kraft.

which does not admit, around any the usual energy of the food to have and it uses her on the double acceptance that her metamorphosis of the fabric retarded and that such delay is conservative of the health, outside of which borders of the science into the country from remote possibilities to is to be exceeded and to which title adjuster confers after a representative, whose agency is doubtful.

Not being able white spirits as nitrogenous or nitrogen-free food to mark, after triumphing finds accessible any of the proofs triumphing finds did not have it, by which the food strength of the food is generally measured, does it not for us for the discussion of the use by delay of the regressiven metamorphosis, it is such process with something is accompanied, that of the fact something convincingly is scientific, which is describing of its mode of the completion in to the hand case and it is it is shown, in order to be practically desirable for nutrition.

There cannot be a doubt, which white spirits defects during the processes of the removal cause, which are natural to the healthy body and which is even in the illness frequently conservative of the health.