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Crying is a physiological process in the life of a baby. All normal babies cry, in order to inform itself with others. They cannot express sine their feelings in the words, which are crying the only way for communication. If at all uncomfortable feeling it comes cries simply. Normally babies in the situations cry such as hunger, wet making, also heat or the cold, firm cloaths, pain ect. Necessity for some children the presence of somebody else walk simply. Crying without any cause is in some babies habit. Although crying as normal one regards, it can worry itself the family members. Since to serious causes reaches the reasons for crying from the simple causes, it should not be ignored and a cause, therefore to demand must be accordingly marked and handled.

The following is something points, those when employing to be regarded should a crying baby.

1, is dangerous it to shake the baby strongly.

2, firm cloaths can cause inflammation, therefore, which should be removed them.

3, if the area is hot, sets the fan and opens the windows.

4, if the diaper is wet, removes it and after, cleaning those, parts form it drying with a soft cloth.

5, gropes it back or paints their head slowly and leaves them here your reassuring clay/tone.

6, gives mother’s milk and forms its peace.

7, if the climate is cold, covers it in the soft cloth.

8, swings it easily into your arms and in way slowly into the area.

9, takes a music, the doll manufactures and lets them hear.

10, tries a peacemaker or helps her for thumb eyes.

11, if no waiting change their position.

12, Weg outdors mit ihr.

13, set them on the photograph device and rock easily.

14, if no answer ask someone to carry the baby.

Even finally see these steps, those the baby, continue crying, for the following indications.
(Probable reason is given after each indication)

, their abdomen operates, can 1 easily it you rotate or oppose: –Colic

2, pulls their ear, easily, which becomes worse them or can your hands away press: –Ear pain.

3, believes their temperature with the back of your hands: –Fever because of any infection.

4, examines the skin from head to foot: –Eruptivkrankheit, diaper skin excursion, masers, Vesicles, allergy ect.

5, sees the nose for each possible unloading: –Coryza.

6, shifts the head easily, in order to believe each possible beginning stiffness: –Meningitis, head injury ect.

7, holds its ear close for its box, in order to hear each possible ratternden clay/tone: –Increased Schleim in the wind pipes.
(Pneumonia, Bronchiolitis, asthamatic bronchitis ect)
8, examines the anale opening: –Anale wear, rektaler polyp, creeping the worms.

9, examines the genital organs: –Any unloading or wear.

10, in the male baby sees the Testikel, which can be swollen or tender: –Orchitis, torsion of the Testikel.

11, also considers the body movements and sees for all possible cramps, which vomit hardness and, cough, worked on atmenect.

If you see the indications specified above or any other abnormal indications, your doctor to consult for correct treatement.