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Which Colic in the horses causes

Colic in the babies can be a usual occurrence for their parents straight. Finally Colic of nearly everyone happens and after one has a crying and a crying and a crying itself gegewhnt on, the illness is as normal as essend and sleeping.

The same cannot be said by the Colic in the horses. Yes. Horses receive also colicky. This is actually regarded as a nightmare for each horse guard, because it can become seriously real, if one ensures not immediately. For, during some horses on therapy and medical treatment react, at most worsened, even after, treating of a veterinary surgeon.

Like babies, if they receive colicky, are horses also crying and cries. That is quite right, if they do not add a walking and a marking, other people, close them, in addition, goes even only endangering could. Horses risk serious injury, if they are at this kind of the situation. Because of the pain do not know they, what they do, briefly of destroying the complete stable, if they can.

What happens?

Colic is really very general. Actually each horse-loved, horse breeder and horse passenger the expression on or coincidentally encountered other way. References would have been formed in the different horse-like books and into the selection. Colic is regarded as a horse-like urgency because of the way, which horses react to the problem because of painful abdomen. They can keep wildly real.

There are some kinds Colic in the horses. First one is irregular colic or that, which results from excessive gas. This is the fewer strict art. the other one is the restraining Colic, which is caused frequently by obstacles in some parts of its body. This can be in the form of transfers or torsions in its muscles.

It can be also caused by Impactions in the intestines or in the large colons. Frequently this treatment, either with oil and a medicine or in other stricter cases, requires liquid therapy. Another kind Colic is caused, by isst too much, while another kind is caused by worms.

What can happen?
As mentions above, colic in the horses can keep really serious. This is, because them the way are not structured, humans is. Them are wired not also the way , which is we; thus there are things, which we can do that they cannot. Are here some from them.

They develop
Since horses with the pressure in their stomach not to become finished to be able. Differently than humans they cannot vomit. The pressure is filled up then inward above and structure as time run. This causes expansion, which requires decompression.

Anatomically not possibly
Horses are established with small anatomical parts. There are narrow ranges in its bodies, particularly in the digesting systems, which can cause Impactions and obstacles.

Rear movements
The processes in their digesting systems have also these rear movements, which know the condition verbittern, if a Impaction arises.

Blood run stairs
The road, where its blood travels, is through so long and narrow, which Impactions can occur. It has also much on and off that it is not surprising that they are against obstacles empfindlilch. If this happens, the horse can die, because blood circulation stops and supply material oxygen stops to the heart.

Horses are very sensitive for the bacterium, which their bodies particularly inherit those, which enter into their intestines. The bacterium balanced in their bodies is so sensitive that a change in their food or in the additions, which it can cause for inlets, interruptions.