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Which acid reflux illness of the cause, its symptoms and

Which acid reflux illness of the cause, its symptoms and treatments

acid reflux is the general expression for illness gastro esophageal of the reflux or GERD, the condition of the abnormal reflux , which causes mucous membrane damage. This illness can affect adults and children or children, but gives the pregnant women, who smokers and the people high vulnerability, who away doses, to the right after they ate without previous remainder.

The symptoms of the acid reflux are, as follows: Heartburn, which is marked by pain in the chest; Inflammation in the Mucosa; Difficulty swallowing; Cough and Hoarseness. These symptoms are believed by the stuck on person, after one ate a fetthaltige meal or alcohol, with bending, drank and more badly if constantly smoking.

acid reflux is caused mainly by the disturbance esophageal of the closing muscle. In other cases it can be also managed by the abnormal production of the gastrischen acids. If there are Unterversorgung of the gastric acid, the valve in the stomach, which through-vibrates above for food to the intestine is responsible, opens not. This provokes the sophagus and leads to inflammation.

Some the factors, which can release acid reflux , are not gap ago ever, zollinger elison syndrome, hypercalcemia, Skerodermie and Krpersklerose.

According to paradoxical faith lead drinking white spirit, tea and Kaffedose too gastro esophageal reflux . But new studies do not show that, although the individuals, who are already stuck on by this illness, can be aggravated by white spirits, tea and coffee, these elements cause the illness. Compared to smoking, which strengthens the risks of receiving, the illness, the white spirits, the tea and the coffee had few the effect. But this does not mean that GERD are free stuck on people to take the beverages which are indicated above. Doctors still suggest avoiding a drinking from white spirits to in order to avoid further aggravation.

Smoking is that principal defendants, which causes acid reflux illness. Regular smokers for twenty years are 70%, which are against the acid reflux illness empfindlilch, which is compared with nonsmokers. And symptoms of those, which already developed the GERD, are because of smoking worsened day after day.

The high point of the research is that large quantities salts are found, in order to be expressed by GERD equivalent with regular smoking in the risk of the Entwickelns. It is not common property/knowledge that table salts can cause acid reflux illness, but researchers in their studies found that people, which constantly use extra salt are 70%, those out, to have gastro esophageal the reflux illness are endangered. Gastroenterologen of the new YorkhochschulGesundheitszentrums testified this fact.

Illness of the Gastro esophageal reflux can be determined even by the stuck on person by the appearance of the symptoms. In the occurrence of these symptoms, will it, to go through the tests turn out, which from the specialists to the free doubts of having the illness or possible treatments are accomplished to accomplish. In order to treat this kind of the disturbance, it gives multiplicity of the possible ways. It can be cured by prescribed drugs such as Antiacida, by natural way such as change of the Ditsystems, elevator of the head, if it lies down, or to the extreme one is surgery. And naturally, it particularly is at the best white spirits to smoke and drink to the people stop or avoid, which are susceptible to acid reflux illness.

Illness of the Gastro esophageal reflux causes much incommodity that it can ruin even your lifestyle. In order to avoid its bad effects, safeguard preventive measures should be regarded. Clich the stating line that prevention is better, as healing always applies.