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What is right colic bend?

Often people are overwhelmed always by expressions, which do not know them, but are rather important, so that they understand completely. Most these expressions come the medical and scientific fields, which seem difficult however in reality, it are straight simple things off, those you familiarly to make must also, thus you sufficient information win itself, once, which develop an emergency situation.

Today ever more will people interested to discover and rediscover for, expressions, therefore they can supply themselves with to ESPRIT knowledge. Apart from scientific expressions and technical language are one of the fields, in which people are interested to discover at expressions and technical language in the area and the areas of the medicine. These people find a suspending to medical expressions, because they could profit from it in the future.


One of the expressions that people are not with however familiar, are is rather simple hepatische bend or the right colic bend. Alias flexura hepatis, right colic bend is a part of the body of a person, who refers of its rising and transverse pitches to loop of the colon on the critical instant. Alias hepatische bend, right colic bend refers to bypass of the rising and transverse pitch of the large intestine, which is for the untereren part of the right kidney and subordinate for the right projection/lead of the liver set up preceding thing.

In the body of a person in the lies connected there two bends, which are with the colon: the right colic bend or hepatische bend or left colic bend or bend of spleen. The right colic bend it is to be become generally the place in the colon of a person, where the rising colon turns, in order the transverse colon. In the usual diagrams colic bend of the right beside the liver is set and is visibly however not marked, because this is regarded as a small part, which is not probable, to affect in the overall function of each part of the body while the left colic bend close of the spleen is set.

Its a loop in the colon, knowledge about right colic bend should be given more attention, because serious diseases of it know roots. Some these diseases and possible diseases know hepatitis inflammation of the hepatischen bend, hepatocellular the diseases, hepatojugular the return flow (HJR), which hepatolenticular degeneration, the Hepatoma, which Hepatomegalie, which Hepatosplenomegalie, the Herniorrhaphy and the such a thing include.

Under the so many complications, which can be with the right colic bend, Gallenblase denocarcinoma, which extends to liver cancer. The process, if it cures this illness, can cover, which they call kidney knfiltration with PMN and plasma. This process covers the transverse colon, which extends from the bend of spleen to the hepatische bend. Using Endoscope in the transverse colon, know the process attempts, to with which hepatischen bend to mediate it into the range of the diaphragm of a person to thus bolt itself above. From here the license physician must pull can the Endoscope back, therefore it can reduce the loop.

Another illness, which can be with right colic bend, is called the perforated intestine cancer. This kind of the cancer of the hepatischen bend is perforated and produces bacterial Peritonitis with plentifully existing Galle in addition. Apart from the right colic bend other affected ranges can cover the blind intestine, the rising colon, the transverse colon and the left colic bend.

For those people, which know someone, which suffer from complications of the right colic bend, are extensive research must. Apart from detailed research should it or they the patient also suggest to consider patronages the doctor and obey specific instructions, if it cures the illness.