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Using acid reflux medicine to loose-will the annoying Heartburns

White spirit-loved would love frequently to bring their beverage together with spicy plates and the smudgy and fetthaltigen food. The perfect combination forms a drinking perfectly to the palate. Unfortunately, this is bad for the sophagus and the stomach. The white spirits, the spicy plates and the acid reflux smudgy and fetthaltige food causes or alias the Gastroesophageal of the reflux illness (GERD). Other causes of the acid reflux are pregnancy, genetic influences, presence of the infection in the Magen-Darm-Kanal and the Non Steroidal inflammatory anti-drugs (NSAIDs).

The gastrointestinal system of the body consists of the following: the oral cavity, the sophagus, the stomach, small intestine, large intestine and the Anus. The main function of the gastrointestinal system is to digest food particles to absorb digesting liquids and eliminate indigested materials, which are naturally the arrears.

The acid reflux affects the stomach and the sophagus. This arises, if the liquid of the stomach, the Pepsin contains, an irritating substance, which is produced by the main cells, to the sophagus rises, which exceeds by the heart closing muscle. The heart closing muscle is the opening to the stomach of the sophagus. Its function is to prevent reflux of the substances in the stomach because these substances cause esophageal inflammation and ulcer. If the heart closing muscle do not close can, after it received food from the sophagus, acid reflux arises.

acid reflux is a chronic condition. As soon as a person under it suffers, it becomes lifelong one burst test. Injury in the sophagus is also a chronic condition. Even if the sophagus healed with treatment and it is stopped, the injury decreases/goes back with most patients within some months. As soon as treatment for mentioned illness is begun, it normally necessities to be indefinitely continued.

Normally liquid reflux in the stomach arises to a healthy individual. However has people with the acid reflux or GERD, more acid in the liquid. This can be caused by the genetic influences specifically a increased number of parietalen cells, the Pepsin in the stomach to produce.
The body has the mechanisms to protect to itself against harmful effects of the reflux and the acid. Most reflux happens during the daily, when individuals are upright. In mentioned position the flowed back liquid is more probable, down into the stomach back to flow because of the force of gravity. In addition during individuals, swallow they are awake, continual thoughtless, if there is not reflux or. Each mark if individuals the liquid reflux swallow, back into the stomach push. The last body defense to the reflux is the saliva glands in the mouth. These glands produce saliva, bicarbonate contain. Each mark pushes swallows of an individual, the bicarbonate-contained saliva down for the sophagus. Bicarbonate neutralizes the small quantity of the acid, which remains in the sophagus.

Generally acid reflux medicine restrains the production or the release of Pepsin produced by the main cells and hydrochloric acid, which are produced by the parietalen cells in the stomach. Other medicine can restrain production not totally, but they neutralize the acid.

The acid reflux medicine is those of histamine blocker or the antagonists of the receiver H2. Histamine suggests a pump in the stomach, hydrochloric acid releases. The antagonists of the receiver H2 prevent that the histamine suggests this pump. They block the production of the hydrochloric acid, which reduces thereby isolation and concentration into the stomach.

One of the acid reflux medicine are the Cimetidine, which was introduced 1975. It has a short radioactive half-life and a short duration of the activity. The three of most popular blocker H2 are Ranitidine, Famotidine and Nizatidine. They are stronger than Cimetidine, because additionally for blocking the gastrischen acid isolations, they promote also a healing of the ulcer, by eliminating its cause. They have also longer duration of the activity.

Since clich goes, an ounce of the prevention is better, than lbs the healing, you to avoid can to have a acid reflux or a GERD by avoiding too a much smoking and white spirits and by isst smaller from spicy and smudgy food. If you take NSAIDs, surely its that you take it after meals. Avoid pressure last, because it suggests the release of the deadly acid.