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Use of breast feeding

As soon as you relieved, breast feeding is the individual most important thing, which you do can, in order your baby to protect and help, in order to promote good health. The best of all, breast feeding is free.

Together with saving it money on HMR (human milk
The re-installation), breast feeding can also help you to hold your medical calculations down. Babies, who are drawn in with formula, become frequently and seriously as babies ill, who are fed with mother’s milk it also, have more ear infection, breathing infection and other problems.

This can be even applicable, if your family had a history of allergies. If a baby with mother’s milk is fed, the anti-bodies of the mother pass on to the baby,
Help to protect itself from illness and allergies. Since the system of the baby matures, its body begins to form it is to possess anti-bodies and it is equipped, in order to treat sensitivity of the food.

Sucking on the chest also helps
Development or Kieferausrichtung and the development of the cheek bone. For this reason there is smaller the necessity at the expensive orthodontischen work, if the child becomes older.

Differently than formula mother’s milk is always ready, always available, comfortably and always the right temperature for feeding. Plus, it contains all vitamins and minerals, which your increasing baby needs, you storing much money.

Also breast feed offers much use for the Mamma in addition. The baby, who sucks at the chest, causes contractions to the right after the birth and leads too smaller
for the Mamma, and to it bleeds form before pregnancy helps its Gebrmutter many faster.

Breast feeding burns also calories, therefore a Mamma can lose the weight, which is as many faster, if she drew in her baby with a bottle. Breast feeding causes also a special connection with the mother and the baby – that are unity
simpy the thing formula cannot do.

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