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Use heart of the spacer training

In a long-term study of the health of the people in of the United States, that documented itself US-public health service service the probabilities developing heart illness under different groups in the population. If the all possible symptoms appeared for a long time before, epidemiological research could mark risky groups.

Under the factors of the highest risk male sex, age over 35, is the cigarette smoking, the high blood pressure, the high stages of certain blood fats and a family history of the cardiovascular disturbances.

Other researchers added this list another factor of risk: the compelling, harddriving, to a high degree Pers5onlichkeit procured. That more largely the number of the difficulty, that more largely the total risk person.

These threats to the heart can be divided into two main categories: over individual control, like age, sex and transmission and those outside, which can be controlled, avoided or even eliminated. Under those in the second category its, which Kardiologen call the three-way threat. These are the high blood pressure, the cigarette smoking and the cholesterinreichen levels in the blood.

If you smoke a set of cigarettes one day, is your risk of having a cardiac infarct twice a nonsmoker. If you smoke, blood high pressure have and a Dithhe in the fats without any exercise at all to eat, your risk is five times larger than normal.

The healthy heart

If these factors of risk endanger the health of the heart, increased which improves its well-being and its advantages of long and well works?

Obviously leaving the cigarettes and the meal help an easily fetthaltigen diet. The following best thing, which you can do for reason of your heart, is, to give it what needs it: regular exercise or a complete heart spacer training.

The heart is a muscle or, more exactly, a group or a package , similar to muscles in various regard the muscles of the arms and the legs. And straight there exercise member muscles strengthened and improved, increases it the health heart muscles in addition.

Since the Second World War some spacious statistic studies evaluated the relationship between physical activity and cardiovascular illness. A far away well-known overview compared 31,000 drivers and directors/conductors of some bus companies. The established drivers had a substantially higher rate of the heart illness than the ladder, who went around the buses and stairs to the upper level climbed.

, why and how behind these statistics was bet, by classical experiments with dogs explained, whose Koronararterien was narrowed by surgery, in order to resemble those of humans with Arteriosklerose. Dogs, which were expenditure-practiced, were held unaktiviert had much better blood circulation than those.

The exercise seemed to suggest the development of the new connections between prevented and the nearly normal blood vessels had so expenditure-experienced dogs a better blood supply material to the whole muscle tissue of the heart. The human heart reacts likewise, in order to make blood available partially, which by the cardiac infarct one damaged.

In order for the damaging heart muscle to make possible to sound, the heart is based on new small blood vessels for which kollaterale circulation is called. These new addresses on the arterial Tress can itself develop for a long time before a cardiac infarct – and can a cardiac infarct prevent, if the new net on enough takes to the function of the narrowed containers.

With all it is cooked for these facts now down to individual question: What should be done, in order to prevent such dilemmas?

Some studies showed that moderately several times exercise, which are more effective one week, if them develop these additional courses as those extremely strong exercise, which took place twice frequently.

The general rule is that exercise assistance reduce the risk of the damage on the heart. Some investigated testified of the far connection between the exercise and healthy heart, which are created by the discoveries that the Nichtprfverfahren had a 49% larger risk of the cardiac infarct, than the other people included in the study. The study attributed a third of this risk seat lifestyle alone.

Therefore with the using of the spacer training, you know heart positive results not only on ranges, which concerns your cardiovascular system, but on the total status of your health absolutely in addition to expect.

This certain activity, which is definitely good for the heart, is a cycle the repetitive segments that from intensive nature is. During this process there are periods of an exchange of the re-establishment. It can be complete activity and moderate movement.

Consequently the use of into this kind of the activity can engage itself only you more results get, which expected you at all. These are:

1. The threats of the cardiac infarct are decreased, if they are not eliminated

2. Increased task of heart

3. Metabolism increase, which increase probability of the burning calories, you in Schlussem weight therefore support

4. Improves lung capacity

5. Assistance decrease or eliminate the cases of the pressure

Indeed heart spacer training is the modern way of the creation of a healthy, happy heart and the body.