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During the childhood.

Children are from the impressions of cold weather much empfindlilch; a correct respect therefore to usable clothes of the body, is compelling to their benefit of the health. Unfortunately an opinion is in the society outweighing that the tender child has naturally a great power of the production of heat and resisting cold weather; and from this popular disturbance the deadliest results arose. This opinion was strengthened much by the insidious way, in cold weather at the frameworks, which let harmful effects, which not while or after its application are always obvious immediately run, so that however to frequently the deadly result is pursued to a wrong source, or the child tubs under the activity of an unknown cause.

The energy of the production of heat in warm-bloody animals is at its minimum of the birth and increases several times one behind the other to grown-up age; young animals, instead of being warmer, as adults, are generally a degree or two colder and part with their heat ready; Facts, which admits not too generally can. They show, how its absurdly the unreasonableness of this system must hardening the constitution (too, which reference was, forwards in an educated manner), the parents caused, the tender and sensitive child into the cold bath at all seasons of the yearly to dip, and expose it freely to cold weather and cut river of an eastern wind, with the brightest clothes.

The basic rules, the one parents in clothes to lead are their child, are, as follows:

The material and the quantity of the clothes should having to be conserved like, a sufficient portion of warmth to the body, therefore adjusts up to the season of the yearly and the Zartheit or the strength of the constitution of the child. If it must this however effectuation that parents against to commercial custom of hitting the child in the innumerable folds of the warm clothes, and holding protect it constantly limited on that very hot and close areas; so, constantly into the opposite extreme to that, to which I alluded straight: for nothing bends as much to weaken the constitution in order to cause illness, and makes the skin to a high degree empfindlilch against the impression of cold weather; and those indispositions therefore produce, it the principal aim are approximately to protect.

In their it to form should be, set thus regulatorily regarding no restrictions to the movement freedoms of all parts of the body of the child; and so loosely and simply regarding permission the insensitive sweat for having a free exit in place of to be limited to and through the clothes be up-sucked, and to be held in connection with the skin, until it causes inflammation.

In their quality they should having to be provoked like, the sensitive skin of the child not. In the childhood therefore Flanell is rather too rau, but is older, the child, while it gives an easy suggestion to the skin, so desirably also grows and health maintains.

In its structure the dress should permit regarding so simple its from fast on to be set, since treatment is irksome to the child to arrange cry it, and so much spirit inflammation to excite, as it is capable of the feeling. Pins should be supplied with altogether, their use, which is dangerous by the carelessness of the nurses and even by the usual movements of the child.

The clothes must be changed daily. It is outstanding favorable to the good health that a complete change of the dress should be made daily. If this is not done, washing, in a large measure, becomes failing in its article, particularly, if it insures freedom of the skin diseases.

During the childhood.

The clothes of the child should possessing the same characteristics as from childhood. It should carry out, is not formed by such materials like the skin not provoke suitable warmth, and thus regarding the opportunity no unnatural concentration.

In the reference on suitable warmth, it can be probably again repeat that too little clothes are frequently from the pltzlichsten attacks of the active illness productive; and that children, who are thus put out therefore with thin clothes in a climate in the variable are there ours the frequent topics of Croup and other dangerous inclinations of the air of passages and the lungs. On the one hand it may not be forgotten the fact that to warm clothes are a source of the illness, sometimes even the same diseases, which originate from suspension to cold weather, and frequently the frameworks more empfindlilcher from the impressions of cold weather, particularly for the cool air makes, which is taken into the lungs. The clothes then according to the season adjust; the Winterkleid early again take up; it aside late put; for it is in the spring and autumn that the inconsistantnesses is largest in our climate, and the congestive and inflammatory most general objections.

Regarding the material (as was forwards observed,), the skin at this Altersbrenflanell becomes near it; and it is now not only correct, but necessary. The Flanell with advantage during the night and the cotton, which is possibly replaced during the summer, which is again taken up early in the autumn, can be shifted. If from the very large Zartheit of the constitution also provoke it to the skin examines, fleecy sock commodity of the fine is borne generally easily and serves largely for retaining the health.

It is to a high degree important that the clothes of the boy should be, therefore formed that no delimitations are set on the movements of the body or the members still harmful pressure on its waist or box formed. All its muscles are to have the full freedom to function to while their free exercise promotes their growth and activity, therefore and insure the uniformity and the efficiency of some functions, to which this muscles are unterwrfig.

The same notes apply with same Kraft to the dress of the girl; and happy, during the childhood no distinction in this affair between the sexes is met at least. Not so however if the girl imist term to emerge from this period of the life; a system of the dress accepted then, which has the most harmful effects after their health, and which development of the body, which occupation of of the firm stays, which obstruct the free and full activity of the respiratory organs and only one of the many restrictions and the harmful practice are to suffer under which in the last ones years it therefore are condemned, the strictly.