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To avoid the food that cause acid reflux

Problems in the digesting system should not be neglected. There are different possible digesting system disturbances or – diseases, which are neglected frequently by many people. The most general digest-promoting problem is mostly well-known the acid reflux or the illness gastro esophageal of the reflux , as Heartburn. acid reflux affects different age of children to young children and adults in addition. This disturbance should be given special attention, because it can to a more serious problem lead, which could affect the breathing system.

acid reflux is by the symptoms decided, which are connected with it. Symptoms like a burning feeling in the box or the throat, wheezing, Hoarseness or other symptoms, which connect to it, should be never neglected, because these symptoms of the acid reflux are similar also to cardiac infarct.

An individual with these symptoms should consult a doctor immediately, in order to determine, if they have acid reflux illness or symptoms of a cardiac infarct. As soon as the doctor determined the individual with acid reflux , they should take correct medications, in order to help in this condition, in order to prevent further problems.

Fortunately the supply were recently introduced to medical treatment and it possible made for individuals with acid reflux to go through the medical surgery as such make available a permanent aid for acid reflux in a fast surgical procedure. On the one hand acid reflux surgery can be rather expensive; therefore the natural from the problem to clean aids, a choice for those individuals, are who are not capable to have surgery.

How most people know, acid reflux or Heartburn knows, at any time arises however is probably to arise a heavy meal with high acid food afterwards, having. When individuals food should avoid such, which is to a high degree acid, to prevent this condition in order to arise. And fetthaltige food even roasted should be avoided. This kind of the food can to stricter symptoms lead, which could affect the breathing system. Even chocolates are considered as NO-NO for individuals with acid reflux , because chocolates are also to a high degree acid.

If you were determined with acid reflux , the attempt, which changes your diet, by selecting the right food and healthy ASS. food with tomatoes and Zitrusfrchten exclude, because tomatoes and Zitrusfrchte are very acid in addition. Also food with spices such as propellents of garlic, the bulbs, the red or black pepper and the Paprikas can arrange the condition to extend. Ginger is however a natural aid, which is used, in order to relieve Heartburn.

Is here something food, which should be avoided by the individuals with acid reflux . Fetthaltige food like Hamburgers and small sausages is one of the risks, if they release this painful condition. Certain vegetable likes cauliflower, Rosenkohl, Kohl and acid reflux of the Brokkoliursachen also. Avoid very most the Koffein, which is found in the teas, in the coffee and in the soda. Koffein causes acid gastric juice, which can to the problem lead.

There are other ways, the removal of the acid reflux , which does not refer to eat, these will support done, by limiting your food inlet. Normally heavy meals in one times acid reflux know small parts of food as, essend cause in each meal. The meal of the heavy meals knows the stomach problems correctly devoted because of the food, which is not capable of the collapse for stomach consumption and acid reflux therefore cause.

acid reflux is a condition, which needs attention. It can to worse conditions lead, if unsupervised. Individuals should take preventive measures to avoid possible occurrences of the acid reflux while and the food also avoids, the acid reflux in an individual compelled to happen. Learn to determine the problem which is caused to take by acid reflux and preventive measures, if you avoid possible occurrences of this disturbance, by avoiding possible food, which can cause acid reflux .