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The right and effective main aid for acid reflux

Are you into the meal that unhealthy finished food, which protein-rich food and the finished food vernarrt? If you well do are this bad message for you. They are certainly a candidate for a acid reflux problem in your stomach and sophagus.

acid reflux is a condition, which is an introduction to the ulcer. It is caused by a disturbance in Acid alkalinezustand in the stomach.

The meal of the specific acid food, which is to be digested hard, causes gastrospasms or a twitching, that the heart closing muscle caused and opens between the sophagus and the stomach, in order to open, so that gases form, which should not.
This is caused a digesting complaint problem, which left a hand and manufactured acid wasted, in order to flow up to your sophagus, for the one inflammation. This inflammation, if not controlled result of dose to the ulcers and other infection. The acid Rckfludit, which ate you, should be now changed.

As soon as you have the symptoms of the acid reflux , need, not to fall back to medications immediately around the problem to couriers. They can begin with main aids, which are surely less expensive.

They can begin with the changing of your diet. They must take parting from the following food and from the beverages: Tea, coffee, radishes, garlic, bulb, spices (pepper), oils, white spirits, sugar, alcohol-free beverages, Ditalkoholfreie of beverages, asparagus (Rosenkohl), protein-rich food, paste goods noodles, corn strength, eggs, plums, plums, MOO berries and all finished food including unhealthy finished costs. Now can you cry to wish. All your comfort food are gone.

If you think, you cannot eliminate them unexpectedly in your diet; with the taking of straight small quantities begin. Then begin to replace they with the following: Fruits, lemon of fruits in the small quantities because of their acid contents of, all kinds vegetables and almonds.
If you believe the fact that you do not believe the acid reflux symptoms more can go you to your preceding diet in the moderation back to prevent recurrence of the acid reflux .

Apart from correct diet there are the practical main aids to avoid to the acid reflux symptom. They are:
Avoid to smoke forwards or during meals.
Eat in an upright seat position.
On the bed after the meal do not lie immediately.
Small walks make, after you ate. It suggests the digesting system.
Exercise after a large meal avoid.
Avoid to carry firm clothes.
White spirits when eating do not drink.
Food slowly and completely chew.

One of the main aids for the treatment of the acid reflux are the ginger alternative. The income of the ginger with a meal helps to reduce a tilted stomach. The ginger is grounded and added food and let in tea or cap form. Most Herbalists is recommended to use 500mg. of the ginger with a full glass water after meals.

We are explained frequently by our physicians, in order to drink more waters, if possible at least 8 glasses each day. The water assistance eliminate body poison materials and permit the body to naturally away-drive acid.

The Green tea for many centuries in Japan and in other eastern countries than after dinner beverage was used. Green teas support the body during the digesting process and help to calm the sensitive fabric down of the stomach.

The herb teas, which contain Pfefferminz, chamomile, ginger, sweet wood root and Katzenminze even straight in the small traces, help the stomach fodder to repair itself. A cup tea the following dinner enough is frequent to reduce to the future acid reflux symptoms.

So acid reflux symptom of the kiss good-bye!