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The process of the action over the guidelines with your

The process of the action over the guidelines with your child

All we know as parents that, to discuss over the guidelines with our children and negotiating never is simple. Children are all very different, and which a guideline for one could to be to have, to not even be an expenditure for others can. This saying, there many parameters that we adjust as parents, are those are the hard and fast guidelines – without Wiggleraum. Those are to be protected the guidelines, which are specified, in order our health, security and well-being of the child. These guidelines and their consequences should be very clearly defined and it should by completely involved be understood that they are there for a very important reason and that all are them or nothing.

Guidelines, which hold our Kindsafe, are of largest importance. These could include everything of informing boys also, in order not to affect the hot furnace for teaching your school aged child of the value of obeying the laws when driving its bicycle. Children must understand that these guidelines to the letter it is to be followed and there is no area for switching here.

For young people and young people such guidelines expectations should over drinking, whom use of the illegal drugs or safe defensive driving covers. These guidelines are also instruction to a health of the child, the well-being and security. There should not be an area for experimenting or the relaxation of the guidelines in the specific social situations.

There are guidelines, which can mediate with your children rather and fairly in addition. Concerning guidelines, how many hours per week on the playing video game be spent can, when a child is expected home for dinners, when each night outwork is permitted to be locked actual or as late to a young person to remain out on weekend nights all guidelines, which can be discussed between you and your child publicly and honestly are. These should be equivalent lasting also, however. ’11 P.M. does not permit one weekend night and to your Jugendlich-9: 30 the following weekend night when expiring then explains with the same group of the friends. If its young person the P.M. closing hour broke 11 the weekend before, the consequence of losing the privilege should expire of this weekend exclusive to be forced. The guideline straight because your young person seems genuinly sad and the promises does not bend to never repeat her. Consequences should be equivalent lasting, appropriately, and always through followed.