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The prescription for care of the dry skin

Dry skin cannot be ignored. Dry skin leads a cracking to the upper layer of the skin and gives it a material bad appearance. The main causes of the dry skin cover: dry climate, hormonale changes, too much delamination and treatment other skin ton run gene. In addition dryness could be the associated condition of somebody skin. Whatever the cause is, care of the dry skin is not very difficult very importantly, (however).

Care of the dry skin begins the most effective aid for dry skin with humidity creams. Generally humidity creams under 2 categories are classified, which are based on the way, which they supply to care with of the dry skin.

The first category covers humidity creams, which supply care of the dry skin, straight as it the humidity within the skin e.g. vaseline conserves. These humidity creams are relatively cheap and are easily available (even at the grocer’s shop business).

The second category covers humidity creams, which work, by drawing humidity of the environment and to the skin supply it. This is a very effective kind of care of the dry skin in the damp conditions. The humidity creams, which supply care of the dry skin in this kind, are called also humidification means. For correct care of the dry skin you must use a non-smudgy kind humidity cream, as far as possible. Humidification means fall into this category. The components of the humidification means include propylene glycol, urea, glycerin, hyaluronic acid etc. also

Care of the dry skin is not correct over straight using humidity creams in addition, using it. The best procedure of the care of the dry skin is to clean the skin before the application of the humidity cream. They can form it for care of the dry skin even effectively, by using the humidity cream, while the skin is still damp (after the cleaning). Also examine whether you use soap-free products (particularly on your face, beginning and arms). Delamination helps the dry skin in the care, by removing the dead skin cells. However exfoliate not too strongly. Their care procedure/products of the dry skin should worry about sun protection also. Too much avoid and load by sun also refer (simply by the application of an umbrella/the hat etc.). A good light protection lotion use, before you expire. Many humidity creams offer sun protection also, together with care of the dry skin.

They have also natural products for care i.e. products of the dry skin, which supply care of the dry skin in a natural kind (without the use of synthetic chemicals). Other one, important thing for care of the dry skin is the temperature of the Wassers, which you use for shower or for washing your face – warm Wasser use; too hot or to cold Wasser can also cause drynesses.

Care of the dry skin is also over its easy with your skin. They should avoid raue cleaning agents and white spirits created cleaners. Also after rub a face laundry, not your cloth on your face, straight flip easily, in order to soak the Wasser away.

Generally care of the dry skin for everyone is really simple, which takes that seriously.