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The first six weeks

Mother’s milk is the best food, you to give can your baby. Mother’s milk is a complete source of food and contains all nutrients your baby necessity – 400 at least from them, to, to be exact including hormone and illness Fightingmittel which is not found in the formula.

The nourishing condition in the mother’s milk adjusted on necessities for your baby, as it or they grows and
develops. Beside the brain building Fightingnutzen of mother’s milk, which cannot bring a formula together, helps the infection tending also, to establish a special connection between you and your baby. With the care, comes your child on the contact, which embrace and holding forward – which becomes you in addition.

Since breast supply can take up to 40 minutes or to more, you should select a cosy point for nursing for the sick. The atmosphere is to receive the case from it to all the more at the beginning of breast feeding very importantly, if you still try. If you keep easily diverted by noises, somewhere on quiet kind go.

They should always hold your baby in a position, which does not leave your arms or back wound. To support it functions best ones, in order back head their babies with their hand, although, which position, which you select, depends on, which to you is more comfortable.

If it supports your baby, a nursing for the sick cushion can be a size of assistance sometimes. They should never draw in, until both are comfortable you and your baby. Consider, how your breasts believe, if your baby locks on, since his mouth should cover most of the Areola under the nipple, and the nipple should be far back in mouth of your baby.

During some women on easily quiet adjust, find other Mammen it hard to learn. If you believe discouraged, always it knows that you are not the only one. Everyone feels different when beginning, all depends it on the mother and on the situation.

Breast feeding takes practice. Therefore you should give so much time you, how you must arrive it at second nature down. Always take to it, which draws in at one time. If you have a bad day, to explain itself that it improves. In the understanding it holds that all possible problems are temporary, since you will maintain like a pro by their postpartum six-week examination.

The first six weeks are an adventure and a training. They cannot expect to know everything if you begin, which is, where the training and practice really help you to exceed. More, quiet you, more, learn you. They establish also a connection with your baby – who is something, which, you have always for the remainder of your lives.