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The dry verge

Although they are not life-threatening like a bleeding or abscesses, dry verges can be extremely painful. They happened after surgery very generally and to be one of the schmerzlichsten post extraction problems. Dry verges are more general with dismantling of the untereren teeth, than they are with dismantling of the upper teeth. All the same which you accomplished kind of the extraction, a dry verge with any kind can occur.

Although there is really no way to prevent a dry verge you can help to reduce the risk by their following after surgery directions. Although you can be directly exact the result, you could terminate with a dry verge still above. It admits will let you believe as Verschrobenheit of nature and, like you on your death bed is not – although it really being. Those, which are more endangered to the dry verges, close those, the following extractions smoke and those like also in, in order to rub their teeth frequently.

A dry verge is a condition, in that the blood clot, which forms, after an extraction separates itself from the verge ummauert. Sometimes the lump dissolves and leaves to the bones food, the weather and even saliva suspended. As soon as the bone is put out, it can be inflamed. The inflammation, which arises, is, frequently the times very painful, which deep pain are, which feeling forms you, as if you die.

If you leave it alone, the dry verge heals. It takes normally around one month or in such a way, although those do not welfare-end pain deductions during period become. If you have a dry verge, find that antibiotics and even the strongest of the use up-requiring medicine it not couriers. An antibiotic normally cures infection, although a dry verge is not regarded to be an infection.

The best way, a dry verge to fight is to go to your dentist back and to let it pack the verge. Packing of the verge is done without any anesthesia and can be rather painful. It does not last long, in order to lock, and it can make discharge available of the pain. As soon as you have a dry verge, be interested in nothing however, the pain stopping. The pain so intensively sometimes that you are ready to do everything the pain can be even for some minutes to stop -.

As soon as the verge was packed, you are so again experienced of the pain for one day or. If you go back to your dentist, it removes the old packing, washes the verge out and sets a new packing inside. In this way, you can to discharge from the pain receive and to the verge help to heal. In the understanding hold, which it takes to heal time – and the best way, which is to be stopped pain to do your best in order a dry verge at any price to avoid.


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