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Surveying one acid reflux illness in the children

A 11 a yearly boy in bad clay/tone developed a Gastro esophageal reflux illness (GERD). In opinion of its mother Cathy, it was at the end of of June in the year 2005, when its son developed a cough, which normally happens during the Schlafes, and even during the time of day. It is only dries cough symptom a short. Its child physician thought that it was only allergy, however as his son was examined, result showed that its son did not have an allergy. According to their it was asthma of its son, which refers to GERD.

Studies show that GERD is likewise normal to the children and to the children as in adults, although this fact is frequently the times, which will survey. The symptoms come into continuous illness, in the cough and into other breathing trouble.

Children are susceptible to GERD because of their unreifen digesting system. Truth is majority of the children grows out of from GERD, as soon as they reach the age of an a yearly.

The medical specialists promote indicated that symptoms can come for children into difficulty, if they swallow food to grow or disturbance. The doctors recommended that in the situation like that it is best, to decrease the quantity of the acid in the stomach of the children before it could lead to acid reflux , since this illness is not very welfarable in the children.

However the doctor suggested some beginnings, in order to avoid acid reflux on children; an example of these burping the child quite several times during feeding or after the nutrition leaves the baby stay in a put up position for 30 minutes.

Although, for a child three and ages above, suggested, in order to hold it away from the soda to, the Koffein like alcohol-free beverages, char-acid beverages, spicy food such as Pfefferminz, acid food such as Zitrusfrchte, too much chocolate and roasted the doctors and fetthaltige food closes. Ideally the definition of a healthy diet of the essenden habit can really reduce the acid reflux in the children.

It is also suggested the fact that children smaller meals, before they eat, if possible, leaves them not to two to three hours eats to sleep, before they also sleep increase the head of their bed for at least 30 degrees.

Further treatments cover the use the blocker H2; this is present in each possible drug memory. Prevacid, stout obstacles of the proton, can be also used, if one treats acid river for children.

However if these treatments do not stop the symptoms can, must be taken place other working method. It is very atypical, but Doktoren’ recommends surgery, this is up to now the best treatment for unyielding symptoms, which do not do any longer opposite to other treatments.

The surgery of the Esophageal of reflux for children is marked for children, who had unsuccessful medical treatments, and continuous surgery is, the child so substantially also grows.

Now if you whether konfus receive, if the time is to be consulted, concerning a child physician acid reflux . The answer is you observes, observes the quantities of vomiting the child, if it already comes out or seems into green or into yellow to be like blood or coffee set, there difficulty, with the respiration, after it is and pain there vomited, with swallowing, consults immediately a child physician, before the symptom keeps aggravated.

The occurrence of this illness, stay away of the habit of leaning forward after the meal, or worse in such a way prevent, sleeping, after a large quantity of food was taken.

Knowledge take, has advanced acid reflux illness a large possibility of terminating to the serious medical complications and it can lead to hospitalization.

Of the possible symptoms its thus survey sharp it not. worry about your children.