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Stops of the pregnant women away of acid reflux dilemma

Stops of the pregnant women away of acid reflux dilemma

Many women bend to experience Heartburnsymptome if they carry still their babies, and this happens for some reasons.

One of these are the increase of the hormones of the body of the women, while they are more pregnant. The occurrence of this results in softening the Ligamente, the function is to hold the untereren esophageal closing muscle (LES) firmly closed. If the LES on the mismatching periods stands still, tendency is, lets these the gastrische acid and the food back to the sophagus and the throat flow back.

A further reason of experiencing Heartburn during the pregnancy is, because more pressure in the stomach of the women causes the changes in the body and in the development of the baby. Therefore stomach contents are obligation right into the LES and then to the sophagus.

However there are some methods, which a pregnant woman can observe, in order to decrease the incommodity, which is gotten by Heartburn. The following is good advice, although this can remove the Heartburn possibly not totally:

The food avoid this Triggerheartburn. Examples of this are chocolates, spicy food, Zitrusfrchte and juices, mustard, tomatoes and tomato created products, fetthaltige food, roasted food and to a high degree peppered plates. Attempts to refer to medical specialists in order to know the complete list of the food, in order to avoid acid reflux . Also for food, which can take you, which contains little danger of causing Heartburn.

Beverages, which Koffein, how tea, have coffee, and soda loose will. Too much of these arranges to ease the LES and let themselves the acid in the sophagus decrease/go back.

Stay away of white spirit beverages. This, like Koffein bends to relax the LES therefore and manufactures the same effect-releasing Heartburn.

Avoid to eat large meals. It is suggested that, numerous small meals during the daily to take is better.

Attack avoid, if you eat your meals. Chewing the food completely helps to take really in the avoidance of Heartburn, thus your time when eating better.

Stand still at least three hours long, which have afterwards your last meal, before you take your sleep.

A pregnant woman will turn out, more for glass water one day to take at least 8 to 10 glasses although this not straight must be taken during the meals. By this the stomach extends, and then the LES more pressure is given and connects it, in order to open mismatching. Therefore it is really recommended, in order to drink more waters and other average meals of the liquids.

Increase the head of the bed for at least six to eight tariff when sleeping. Attempts to sleep with increased main and shoulders by a Keilkissen. By this the force of gravity works so much that it holds the acids in your stomach in their place in the stomach, not in the sophagus. Attempts to consult physicians around additional knowledge up, how one relieves to win nighttime Heartburn.

Do not carry closely lying close clothes. Tightness around the waist and the stomach releases Heartburn, as it causes Uneasiness.

With bending, they at the knees, not at the waist do. This avoids, if it causes too much pressure in the stomach.

Slouch not; put up in a relaxing chair rather sit.

A reasonable quantity weight, too much weight maintains and fatness gives more pressure in your stomach. Consequently this stomach contents force during the LES and to the sophagus. Stay with your doctor guidelines.

Avoid to smoke. Doctors explained that smoking could cause some effects for a pregnant Mrs., much that, which can add it the possibility of experiencing Heartburn.