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What is pile?

Expansion of the roots of the rektalen veins within the analen channel is called piles. The medical expression for piles is Hemorrhoids. Comparative with Arterien because of the thin walls and therefore each possible counter-pressure in the veins can form veins weak it wound. There are superior, middle and minderwertigerektale veins three rektaler veins. Each possible obstacles or increase of the pressure of these veins can prepare piles.

Dependant on the situation there are two kinds piles.

1) External piles. 2) internal piles.

1) External piles: –

This kind of the piles is seen outside of the analen opening and covered by skin. It is black or in the color brown. This kind of the piles is because of the rich nerve supply material in this range very painful.

2) Internal piles: –

It is internal within the analen channel and for analen opening. It is covered by mucous membrane and is red or magenta in the color. These piles are painless.

Some determines time internal and eXternal pile occure in the same individual.

Factor represents with responsible person for piles: —

1) This is a family illness.

2) Pile only into animals maintain a put up situation seen. This is because of the accumulation in the rektalen veins because of the effect of the force of gravity.

3) It is general in the individuals, who have chronic blockage. Those, which have a habit of visiting the toilet, which is suitable, to frequent urge for bolsters can piles in the future develop.

4) Pile is general in those, which take abundance of the chicken, shrimps, spicy Nahrungect. Those, which take vegetables and fiber-like food, are affected rarely.

5) Some ladies receive piles during the pregnancy because of the Kompression of the rektalen veins by the Gebrmutter.

6) Cancer-well-behaved injuries in the Rektum can block blood circulation and result into the pile.

Indication and symptoms of the piles: —

1) Pain: –

The pain are general into the external pile, which is worse with loading at the bolster.

2) Bleed: –

Bleed comes squirts with urge on bolsters in here. To bleed can be extensive in some cases.

3) Hervorstehende of measures: –

Into the eXternal pile swelling can be believed around the anale opening. In case of the internal piles first it cannot be felt. If the illness gets ahead, the piles stand during the bolster out and will inward automatically go. If the condition becomes worse, the out-standing piles do not go back inside to the Anus.

4) In some cases there is unloading of the Schleims with itching around the anale opening.

Complications of the piles: —

1, infection: The infection can spread to the deep veins with the result of the blood poisoning.
2, Fibrosis: Here the piles with hardening the analen opening become fibrosed.
3, Thrombose: Here the blood forms lumps within the piles and can blood circulation block.
4, fire: Here the fabric into the pile and the close convenient skin die because of the lack of blood supply material.
5, Suppuration: If the piles suppurate, he can produce abscess with unloading of pus.

Treatment of the piles: —

First it is treated due to symptoms. Blockage should be treated. If it gives, anemia iron should give its. Homoeopathic medicine can give good results. If medical treatment does not give, each possible result the following can be tried.

1) Thrombosed the external pile is taxed under local anesthesia.

2) Sclerosant injection therapy can reduce the size of the piles.

3) Rubber band connection around the beginning of the piles is useful in some cases.

4) Cryosurgery is very effective.

5) Anale expansion can reduce blockage and the pain.

6) Haemorrhoidectomy is the surgical dismantling of the piles.

How does one piles prevent?

1) Much of fruit and vegetable of eat.

2) Fiber-well-behaved food take.

3) Surplus inlet of the meat, shrimps, crabs ect avoid.

4) A regular TIMING as food regard.

6) Sufficient quantity water drink.

7) A uniformity in the intestine habits hold.

8) Treatment for blockage take.