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Return to work

As soon as you return to the work, you can continue to breast feed. If you live one near at work or at place of assembly child daily place have, you can be able to breast feed during your breaks. If that is not possible, have 2 elections:
1. Their milk supply hold, by using a height
Quality-automatic electrical breast pump to express to of milk during the daily. Their milk save, which you collect for your baby model.
2. If you to wish or not on pump cannot
work, can to daily supply gradually by formula replace, during it to maintain at night at home however still in the morning to continue and. The milk, which produces your body, cannot be possibly enough, to your baby to hold satisfied, even if you need only enough for 2 supply.

Advantages of pumping with the work
Pumping with the work helps to suggest your production of milk therefore you have the existing much, if it comes to draw in time. They can also collect the milk, which you pump, therefore have its baby the health and the nourishing use of mother’s milk, even if you are not there. To things better to form, pumping an ideal way can be a connection to your baby during the working day to believe.

Although it can seem like a controversy, many mothers find that the use of the Brustes far pumping
outweight the incommodity.

In order to handle a pumping with the work, you must have the following:
1. Breast pump, preferably A completely
automatic electrical pump with a double accumulation installation set thus – can both breasts c$ihnen pump at the same time.
2. Bottles or bags for collecting and
Storage of the milk.
3. Fall back to a refrigerating chamber or to a cooling device
to milk cold weather hold, until you return home.
4. To help breast editions to protect you
Clothes, if you begin to lick.

Examine whether you get accustomed pumping on, before you return to the work, therefore can you which expect and it believe. They are many more convinced with pumping with the work, if you already know that you can produce sufficient milk.

With the work you wish somewhere have, which away of everyone otherwise, if you pump, as an empty office or an empty area is. In this way, you are away of everyone otherwise and you can the calm peace have, which you must pump. Into most
Offices, this should not be a problem.

For the timeframe you wish all 2 – 3 hours pump, if possible. If you cannot, every 4 hours must be sufficient or thus. After you terminated a pumping, the milk in to store
the bags or bottles, cleanly above, go themselves then
back to work. If you return home, you can draw in the milk your increasing baby.

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