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Received begun with breast feeding

If you hold your baby for the first time in the delivery area, you should set its lips to their
Chest. Although your due milk did not still develop, your breasts produce still another substance, which admits as Kolostrum is, which helps, to protect your baby against infection.

If your baby find trouble or on your nipple lasting has, you should not shift in panic. Breast feeding is an art, which requires much patience and much practice. Nobody expects you to be
Expert, if you begin first, thus you should not
, for advice to ask or a nurse appearance have hesitate you, what you must do.

As soon as you begin, in the understanding it holds that nursing for the sick should not be painful. If your baby locks on, consider, how your breasts believe. Lock on if
the pain, breaks, a sucking then tries again.

They should, when more rather frequently maintain
They maintain, come in fast your due milk and more milk, those, produce you. Breast feeding for 10 – 15 minutes per chest 8 – 10mal every 24 hours is ideal a goal. Crying is an indication of hunger, the means you to really draw in should your baby, before he begins to cry.

During the first days you can have to wake your baby up, in order to begin to breast feed, and it can above falls to terminate sleeping during feeding. Over to guarantee that your baby up frequently enough isst, it should above wake you it if it four hours since the last mark was, which it Fed. was.

Received comfortably
Supply can take 40 minutes or longer, therefore you wish a cosy point. They would not like to be
sits somewhere, where you are disturbed, as he can form the process very hard.

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