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Quality time with your child counting pulse form

Into today’s busy world all inserted work, tasks of household and social activities a load on your time with your child. But, as you probably know, it is compelling that you spend quality time together. It helps to strengthen the connection between parents and child and informs their child you can trust on and count. Children, who spend quality time with their parents, frequently improve at school and exceed in the extrakurrikularen activities, in the hobbies or in the sport. And although it can be specified to something, which happens to a degree , is it, if you expect few it. Therefore it is important that you spend so much time, as possible with your child in a relaxed atmosphere and these things enjoy to do together you both.

But you ask yourselves that, where are I going finding the time? My schedule, which is moved enough as it, is! Property for something, which is as important as your child, you must around, thereby to dig begin that crazy schedule and finds the time. Priority giving priority giving is the key.

Here some useful proposals are up, how one forms those most of your time and finds quality time, in which you few it expect.

Their list of task of household regard and decide to form can which are left annuliert or are incompletely done, in order more family time. They could leave certain things, consider also wish to, after your child sleep went, in order to form those most of your time together.

Some your daily programs turn add. Some stupid favorite song on the way to the Kindertagessttte sing, or this for drive after and of school a large opportunity form to discuss which happens in the life of your child.

If you have more than one child, determine that everyone of them necessities your individual attention. They know things around jonglieren really to have, in order to leave, but try this happened, to be flexible and creative if you spend time with everyone of your children. And all the same which, those individual times with each child do not jump over. By doing you in such a way, they show that they are untererer descent on the priority list as the dry cleaning or the grocer’s shop buying.

Children progress on stability and programs, plan so your quality times, so that they can take place regularly. Possibly you can the dog on weekend mornings together go, a Einkaufenexkursion together take, a temporally planned night each week for sit down a dinner have together, or a journey to the park form.