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The expression Mesotheliom in the medical expressions is defined as form of the cancer, which affects itself with a very fast rate strongly increased, after it was determined, mesothelial the cells in the body. After detailed, from this illness by some scientists on whole earth it studies it was closed that in most cases the reason is the direct contact with loose asbestos particles. This illness admits generally from a deviation to be derived which results from the Inhalierung of the loose asbestos suspended particles in air during a very long time. The probabilities of the patients, certainly of the Mesotheliom, have very bald chances of survival, which no more as if is, in or two years and if them were determined, long back and radical medication on the patient was begun to live then, which is probable the patient, for approximately five years.
There are three kinds Mesotheliom, but the symptoms of the diseases depend on their kinds. The symptoms vary from in one others, but the general symptoms, which are found to weight loss, pain with the patients, who suffer from different kinds of the Mesothelioms, are in the chest, loss of the appetite, short breath, level coughs and coughs with blood. Mesotheliom in its initial stages to determine is not, because symptoms emerge very late and that, these symptoms is possible no Specialzeichen, which indicate the certain illness however, is generally for other diseases also.
Generally the symptoms of the Mesothelioms resemble to too all other normal lung illnesses. Most symptoms develop in for the lungs, in which mesothelial the cells, which cover the lungs and the area between them, are because of long-lasting inhalation of the asbestos fibers concerned. The consultation with the physician is occasionally very necessary and necessary test must be accomplished, in order to determine the illness.
The main symptom of the Mesothelioms is constant pain in the box, which is followed by the short breath and by the difficult respiration because of the accumulation of the liquid in the box, which forms the respiration more difficult. Some the other symptoms of the illness deviations in the lungs include being determined, those under correct monitoring of the doctor with a box can CT-scanning.

Generally the illness of the Mesothelioms in four stages makes progress with. In the first phase the arrangement of the tumor within the range of the fodder of the lung begins and does not exceed not from a side of the lung. And then in the second stage the tumor extends to other organs in the breast area, like hearts. Then in the third stage its extent to the other Abdominal organs, which affect also all other organs. Finally in the fourth and last stage the tumor expands since all parts of the body and affects all parts unfavorably. These are some the symptoms of the illness of Mesotheliom, by which the illness in the initial stages of its occurrence can be sought out.