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Dr. Ezra M. Hunt says: The capacity of the white spirits for impairment of functions and of introduction and the promotion of the organic injuries in the vital parts, is unsurpassed by each possible recording in the complete distance of the medicine. The facts regarding this are thus incontestable, and up to now contentious no more does not grant its by the occupation, regarding. Changes in the stomach and in the liver, in the kidneys and in the lungs, in the blood containers in the minuzisesten capillary and the blood to the smallest red and white blood diskette disturbances of the isolation, fiber-like and fetthaltige degeneration in nearly each organ, impairment of the muskulsen energy, the impressions, which are on both nervous systems regarding in such a way per find, are frequently these and like these, are poisonous the often announced results. And these limited not on those excessively mentioned.

Professor Youmans says: It is obviously that, up to now of its expansion tank of the health, white spirits is an active and efficient cause of the illness and handicapped, like it, with the respiration, the circulation and the food does; now is each possible other possible result?

Yeast of the Dr. – F.R. says: This white spirits should contribute a means to have, which keeps surplus affair to the mast process under certain conditions and produced in fetthaltigen degeneration of the drunkards of the blood, follow naturally there on the one hand we, by lowering the nutritious and separating functions, and on the other one, a direct Poisoner of the Vesicles of the vital river.

Dr. Henry Monroe says: There is no kind fabric whether healthy or diseased, which cannot go through fetthaltige degeneration possibly; and there is no organic illness, which is so difficult to the medical man so unpleasantly or from the healing. If, by the aid of the microscope, we examine a very fine section of the muscle taken from a person in the good health, we find the enterprises, rubber band to muscles and a bright red color, in an educated manner of the parallel fibers, with beautiful passages or Striae; but, if we examine similarly the muscle of a man, who leads a no-load operation, seat life and gives oneself intoxicating beverages, determine we immediately a slat, flabby, inelastic, oily appearance. Alcoholic narcotization seems, this strange conditions of the fabrics to produce more than each possible other means, with which we are familiar. Dr. Chambers says three the quarter chronic illness, which the medical man must treat, caused by this illness. The outstanding French analytic chemist, Lecanu, as much as found one hundred and seventeen parts fat in thousand parts of the blood, the highest estimation of a boozer of the quantity in the health, which eight and a quarter of parts is, while the usual quantity is no more than two or three parts, so that the blood of the boozer than necessarily contains forty times more the usual quantity.

Dr. Hammond, who wrote, in the partial defense of white spirits as containing a food energy, says: If I say that she, all further causes, at exciting Derangements of the brain, is richest the Rckenmarks and the nerves, make I a declaration, which represents my own experience, in order to be correct.

Another outstanding physician says of the white spirits: It replaces Suppuration for growth. It helps time to produce the effects of the age; and, in a word, is the genius of degeneration.

Dr. Monroe, from whom white spirits dilute, let in small quantities or largely, as in the form of beer, whom stomach gradually arranges to lose its clay/tone and forms it dependently after artificial suggestion. , Supervenes gradual, and incurable disturbance of the results of health wish atony or of the clay/tone of the stomach. If a dose of the alcoholic beverage is daily taken, the heart is completely increased very frequently hypertrophisch, or. Indeed it is painful to witness how many persons really work on under illness of the heart and mainly owes to the use of the alcoholic alcohols.

Area of the Dr. – T.K., physician to the prince of Wales, says: White spirits are the kleinlichste diet are real there. It does not make the blood poor and it gives a safer road this degeneration of the muskulsen to be afraid fiber, as much; and in the heart illness it is particularly harmful, by accelerating the impact cause, hair-like accumulation and irregular circulation, and therefore mechanically causes expansion.

Sir Henry Thompson, a remarkable surgeon, says: To your daily wine under any pretext its acting you do not take good. As Luxux, that sincerely takes for, by some persons very easily, by some at a high price to be paying must do, but, to be always paid. And something loss of the health or the spirit energy or the silence of the temper or the judgment is mostly, the price.

Dr. Charles Jewett says: The late Prof park, of England, in its large work over hygiene, got rid of effectively the term, long and very generally maintained that white spirits are a valuable prophylactikes, where a bad climate, a bad water and other unfavorable to the health cause exist; and a unfortunate experiment with the article, in the connection army, in the banks of the Chickahominy, in the year 1863, examined finally that, instead of protecting, the human constitution from the influence of the agencies, which are hostile to the health its use additional Kraft gives them. The medical history of the British army in India informs the same lesson.

But why further certification represent? Isn’t the proof complete? To the man, who evaluates good health; who would not put the basis for illness and a suffering in its newer years, we need, not to offer individual additional argument in favor of the entire abstention SAMness of the alcoholic beverages. He avoids it as poisons.