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Meal to the right during your pregnancy

They know already that it is important to eat a well balanced diet but it is even important, if you are more pregnant. In the understanding hold, now, which you eat for two. Whatever you eat, the baby isst in addition. The baby actually really takes their nourishments, therefore you must eat enough for both from you. Healthier you eat, are it better for the pregnancy and you that.

A meal, while you are more pregnant, particularly breakfast never miss. Breakfast is the most important meal of the daily and your baby probably waited, since he/she woke up in the middle at the night. They can experience that, if you wait thus for a long time the meal before you begin, to feel you ill this are your body, which to you explain to eat. They do!

Guarantee that you receive enough the food, which you need daily. It lasts 4-6 casings dairy one day for a healthy pregnancy, this can something cheese, milk, yogurt with include. This provides the baby with calcium, which recovers it necessarily, in order increasing bones to develop. Adding the extra calcium of your diet would not particularly injure you also not, your teeth and bones.

Do not forget casings over your fruit and vegetables. The matter green is always a good choice, are so sweet potatoes. Only you will give your body, what needs it, but you to begin to have more energy. Attempts, which replace and see for one week to put down and them to drops by healthier individual parts, how alive you feel.

To avoid food
Not all food is during your pregnancy, there is safe some things, which should avoid to eat you:

– not pasteurisierter Produktbriekse

– Determined fish exotically, shark fish, sword fish, everything highly in mercury
– Raw eggs

– Too little cooked meat lunch meat. If you delicatessen store-and-yielded buy, you can ask for it to eat the meat above a little.

– Koffeinsoda, chocolate. If you find this difficult, you can set away you off, but fewer Koffein in your system, it is better for the baby that.

If you are uncertain from the food at all, you can be able to eat you your doctor for a list of the individual parts to ask to avoid during the pregnancy. They are more than happy to divide this with you.

They can also experience that your stomach treats certain food, which became he before. Some those food can food with include, the fat, high-speed lunches, meat and certain food contain, which have a strong smell.

The meal healthy does not mean that you can to have to cut the whole fun out in their life, you still occasionally to treat itself. Expire and to frozen yogurt or a Smoothie received.

While you guarantee the fact that you keep enough, in order to eat during the daily, does not mean that neglect your liquid inlet. They will need lots water and juices from here on out. The baby thanks you later. Who knows, you can discover that you really enjoy the meal healthier and continue it even after the pregnancy.