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Male change years: Symptoms and treatment

The expression male change years is used, in order to refer on the condition of the men, to have the hormone level drops after life center.

Male change years are a topic of the controversy in the medical society. In case of the women change years with the terminator point of a physical enterprise become, as referred, if the Monatsmenstruationzeitrume stops. Also a critical drop of the hormone levels in the women arises together with change years. For these reasons doctors debate on whether male change years really exist.

In case of the men in their middle and older years, smaller quantities Testosteron are manufactured by the Testikel. This is believed, in order to be the which are the basis reasons behind the occurrence of symptoms of the male change years.

Men with change years normally suffer from attraction barness, sleep disturbance, low sex drive, sweating, fear, sadness, memory problems and put upable malfunction.

In most cases put upable malfunction can be caused by other disturbances. But Testosteronmangel can be a possibility.

It is important that men, who suffer from symptoms on low levels of the Testosterons become subjected medical investigations such as blood tests, around Testosteronniveaus to evaluate referred.

Other reasons for credit of the short Testosteronniveaus cover Testikular malfunction and probable taken over characteristics.

As treatment hormone re-installation therapy for men with low levels of the Testosterons and the symptoms is recommended, which come with it.

Hormone re-installation cannot be applicable possibly to older men, who look for treatment for their put upable malfunction, it is it really very minimum levels of androgen to have. Which concerns, is younger men with well-known lack of hormone it proven that nominal doses of the Testosterons can improve interest in the sex.

Testosteronwiedereinbautherapie, which is designated also as androgen re-installation therapy, aims off to reduce the symptoms which are managed by male change years. This method is a lifelong treatment, since Testosteronmangel is generally a permanent condition.

Testosteronwiedereinbautherapie is normally given as mouth regulation, implants or injections.

The injection of the Testosterons is accomplished normally once every two weeks.

The mouth drugs are particularly prescribed to those, which cannot stand for injections or implants.

The Testosteronimplantate, which are used under the skin of the back part or abdomen work during one period from months. The implant works, by releasing Testosteron directly into the bloodstream.

Androgen therapy comes however with possible side effects and risks.

With low Testosteronniveaus the prostate gland bends to shrink. Hormone re-installation therapy cannot recover a physically reduced prostate gland, since it does not have influence in the levels of the Prostatabesondereantigens.

Androgen therapy cannot be possibly a cause of the increased risk of the Prostatakrebses for the, which has naturally larger Testosteronniveaus in the same age group.

On the one hand the security of the hormone re-installation therapy and its possible effects must on the prostate gland, which spirit work and the cardiovascular system still correct go through investigated. In addition, there is also a necessity to determine the probable use of the androgen therapy on the bone and the muscles.

Androgen therapy is said, in order to increase the risk of the heart diseases, although on this topic are uncertainly investigated. It is a well-known fact however that with low Testosteronniveaus among cardiac infarct victims was found. This opens the possibility, which hormone re-installation therapy could help to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

The older men, who are from the Prostatakrebs undiagnosed, should be used caution with androgens to also take.

, One regards to sleep Apnea or stopping the respiration during the Schlafes also as a rare risk with hormone therapy.