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Male change years increased

It indicates at present numerous debates in the medical community whether change years really exist in the men.

Change years in the women are defined as the time, when the monthly periods stop. Based on this, men can have change years. But, as the doctors argued, they can go through andropause – the man equivalent of the change years in the women. The same symptoms as those women announce man, which andropause have, with change years.

Male change years are used, in order to refer to the condition, into the men a reduction of their hormone levels experienced. But differently than the case of the women, whose hormone levels fall drastically, male change years with a gradual case in Hormontestosteron take place. Medical ones of report show that many men have the same Testosteronniveaus as in their seventies nearly in their twenties.

Men with change years announce symptoms, the attraction barness, sweating, the memory problems, which cover concentration difficulties and the hot flushing.

Other general objections of the men with change years consist of low sex drive, hair loss, fatigue, generalized pain, and body form changes, while they bend, rounded and less brawny to become.

Analyzing the symptoms, it becomes free, why male change years are compared with that of the women. Women can announce some or all symptoms, which are registered.

To notice is importantly however that the registered symptoms by other physical diseases differently than change years be caused can. Thyroid gland function disturbance, – lowest point or – anemia the which are the basis roots can be.

Some doctors state however that male change years are not caused by the hormonalen changes however by psychological reasons. The realization that they are aging, is underlined by the indications of the physical changes like the occurrence buckling, fat and removing hair line.

Men in their Middle Ages normally weaken their self-respect, while they begin to question itself whether they have still another role in their houses and in the society. An example is, if their children mature and leave home; they begin to feel in the family empty and futile.

Other possible psychological causes of the change years in the men cover financial problems, job discontent and marriage conflicts.

To notice is importantly however that the registered symptoms by other physical diseases differently than change years be caused can. Again can be thyroid gland function disturbance, lowest point or anemia the reasons.

The diagnosis of the male change years, by letting a physical examination, the doctor run, inquired about the symptoms takes place itself, which the man experiences. It knows necessary diagnostic tests would drive through, in order to throw away other medical problems, which can affect the condition. Lines up blood tests then one accomplishes, in order to analyze the hormone levels of the patient, as well as the Bluttestosteronstatus.

Testosteronwiedereinbautherapie is applied, if the Testosteronniveaus is found, in order to be low. This process helps also, the symptoms such as fatigue to lower lowest point and low Libido or poor sex drive.

In addition hormone re-installation therapy was bound at the development in the brain functions, bone density and for night sweats.

Testosteronwiedereinbau comes into mouth medication, into implants or into injections.

The mouth drugs are given to those, which cannot carry implants or injections.

On the one hand implants are put into the unterere hip or into the abdomen. This method supplies healing, which holds, to aim at until six months.

The Testosteroneinspritzungen is given usually approximately once every two weeks.

If you regard Testosteronwiedereinbautherapie, it is important that you speak with a doctor, in order to learn more over it. Their physician knows something changes in your lifestyle, how a exercise program, a correct diet and medications to also guess/advise to decrease in order to help, the symptoms which are caused by male change years.