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Disturbance of the stomach and the intestines is one of the most fruitful sources of the diseases of childhood. And are healthy, all things, which are on an equal footing, the child, only prevent their Derangement and flower and do not need not the aid of the medicine or the physicians.

There are many causes, which can cause these inclinations; many of them belong to the system mother, some to that of the child. All are to a high degree too to be prevented or repaired able. Therefore it is at the most important the fact that a mother not ignorantly or after this topic should be wrongly informed. It is the prevention of these inclinations however on here to be remained main; for the mother it considers at all lets, and according to the basic rule function that the prevention of the illness belongs alone to it; the healing to the physician. Around sake the clarity and the reference these disturbances are spoken of, as they arise:

To the child at the chest.

The stomach and the intestines of child can be spirit-disturbed by the mother’s milk, which becomes harmful. Are sufficient, in order to say, that are there many causes of a general kind, to which them can owe its origin; but that the most frequent unfounded Laktierung is, and the effects after mother and child it remained completely up.

Fear of the understanding in the mother arranges their milk to be in the quantity unhealthily in its letter, and insufficient and causes blowing, seizing and sometimes those even cramps in the child. A seat of the inclination in the nurse frequently by a seat of the intestine to weight in the child follows itself. These causes are naturally temporary, and if them are removed, the milk for the child becomes as before a healthy and a sufficient.

Sudden and large mental disorder however drives occasionally away the milk together and in some hours. A Mrs S., aet. 29, a fine healthy Mrs., a blond Teints, was limited by a boy. She ate a good time and a plentiful supply material milk for the child, who continued her sucking until following January one period of three months, when her milk suddenly disappeared. This circumstance confused the medical companion, because it could not pursue it to each physical indisposition; but the milk, which were never returned, and a Amme became necessary. In the following spring failed husband this lady, misfortune, which since the date, when the mother’s milk disappeared, after whose day the spirit-disturbed condition of the affairs of the husband was announced to the woman, a fact had been floating, immediately the mysterious disappearance of the milk explained.

Harmful articles of the diet affect the mother’s milk and bring the intestines of the child in disorder. As soon as, I was called, in order to see a child at the chest with diarrhea. The remedies had however small effect, as long as the mother’s milk was permitted to the child; but this adjusting and arrow-pepper, with water granted one formed only, the objection fast an attack too one set. Believing that the mother’s milk was prevented by a somewhat inadvertent cause, which could be now led became the child again the chest permitted. In smaller than twenty-four in the hours however diarrhea decreased/went back. The mother, that is a very healthy woman, was assumed it that any harmful article could be in her diet the cause. The government was inquired accordingly carefully in, when it seemed that carrier had been replaced past by a neighbouring Publicans for their during some little time. This was the bad and down threw, as if leave, in order to stand some hours, a considerable sediment; it was adjusted; good sound Ale instead of taken; the child sat down again to the chest, after of whom it flowered to the milk, and had never another attack.

Likewise aperient medicine, taken of the mother, acts after the intestines of the child, by the effect, which it produces after its milk. This is not however the case with all kinds purgative medicine, nor the same purgative product A does as effect after all children. It is good therefore thus parents considered, which Aperient acts therefore by its system after that of their child and which it does not do and if a Aperient necessarily for to avoid it is it over that the intestines of the child one will shift, the latters; if differently, it can take the former with good effect.

Again; the return of the monthly periods, while the mother is a nurse, affected always the characteristics of the milk, more or less and brings the stomach and the intestines of the child in disorder. It therefore happens frequently, this some days, before the mother will be uneasy, the child becomes annoying and uncomfortable; its stomach throws above the milk, and its movements are frequently greenish, aqueous, and. And then, if the period completely past is, the milk hears to settle on. It is mainly in the early months however that the child seems by this circumstance to be affected; for it found generally the fact that, although the milk is certainly prevented by it and is still less plentifully available and nutritious after the third or fourth month it stops affecting the child. Then is a mother, because their monthly periods decrease/go back after its delivery, maintain to above to give? Certainly not, it is the health of the child seriously by it is affected; for she finds generally that, how the periods come over, by preventing and being rather exactly the child of the chest, while holds for its continuation, and him after artificial food drawing in, it disturbance of the health of the child, in the distances able to maintain their child with advantage. It must be added however that a wetness nurse rather as each possible risk refuge to be taken is, which is taken by the injury of the health of the child; and in any case partial feeding is on a much earlier period than necessary, if a mother is not affected therefore.

The milk can be transferred less approaching also, and decreased in the quantity, by the mother, that becomes again more pregnant. In this case however the health of the parents suffers mainly, if it endures in the nursing for the sick; this however functions again unfavorably for the child. It is intelligent, therefore if pregnancy arises, and the milk is with the child to set in order to compensate the tasks of a nurse, other opinion and the child after a usable artificial diet.

The child, who is constant at the chest, becomes always, more or less, under blowing, who seizing, Lockerheit of the intestines and vomiting to suffer. This is caused by a sufficient distance, which is not left between the meals for digesting. Therefore the milk passes on from the stomach into the indigested intestines, and the effects alluded straight, in order to follow. Time does not only have to be given for correct digesting to the milk, but the stomach must be permitted a season by peace. This evil must be avoided by the mother then carefully, excluding those guidelines for nursing for the sick obeyed.

The intestines of the child at the chest, as well as, after them are set off, are affected generally by Dentition. And it is happy that this is the case, because it prevents more serious inclinations. Indeed the diarrhea, which arises during the dentures, may not be overcome excluded it violently is; if however this is the case, it must be considered. It is generally found by a swollen rubber to be accompanied; lancing freely of, which sometimes alone an attack to the Lockerheit sets: further medical support can be necessarily however.

On period of setting off.

There is large susceptibility to the Derangements of the stomach and the intestines of the child on period, when setting off usually takes place, so that large care and judgment must be expenditure-practiced, if one causes this article. Normally however the intestines are spirit-disturbed during this process of one of these causes; of, of it too suddenly and unexpectedly cause or from the over feeding and from the use of the inappropriate and mismatching food too early set off. There is another cause, which can also cause diarrhea at this time, independently setting off, i.e. the inflammation of the difficult Dentition.

The replacement of the artificial food for the mother’s milk of the mother, on one period, if the digest-promoting organs of the child for this change are too sensitive, is a frequent source of the inclinations now in consideration.

The attempt to set a sensitive child off for example if only six months old, inevitably followed of the disturbance of the stomach and the intestines. It is therefore a mother is connected to fall back to this measure from more pregnant or no other unavoidable cause, if it consults the welfare of its child, her above maintains on this early period gives.

The child the chest and a replacing constantly cause intestine objections immediately rob of the artificial food, however correct lower suitable regulations can be such food. Certain guidelines and regulations must be issued, in order reliably set off to cause, whose other where are specified.

If too large, a quantity food at each meal will become given, or the meals too frequently, in both cases, which repeats the stomach is suppressed, geermdet, and spirit-disturbed; Part the food possibly thrown above by vomiting, while the remainder, after the digest-promoting process had erdurchgemacht not erdurchgemacht, passes on into the intestines, its sensitive fodder diaphragm and the product blowing to possibly provoke with seizing, settling and cramps.

Then again inappropriate and mismatching food by same effects one follows exactly; and it is a reasonable change is fast formed, to have aid not only no influence over the illness, but the cause, which, the illness is continued, is seriously aggravated.

Therefore it is from the first meaning to wave doing the child, that on this period, if the mother has to replace an artificial food for their own Brustes it first to determine should, what corresponds a little to food the child-best, and then the accurate quantity, which requires nature. Many cases could be simply quoted, where children never had one regulation, which is written for them, because, these points, which is over ensured, is its diet with judgment and care handled; while, on the one hand, to others could refer, whose life was risked, and all as lost, simply by the unverstndigen ditetischen management. The over feeding and the inappropriate articles of the food, are more frequently, in their result, the anxious hours and the tormenting scenes productive to the parents and the danger and the loss at human lives to the child, than nearly any other causes.

The inflammation, which is caused by difficult Dentition, can independently cause diarrhea on period, if the child is set off, from setting off. Such disturbance of the intestines, if it arises obviously from this cause, is a favourable circumstance and should not be obstructed, it is indeed the attack strict and aggravated is, if medical support becomes necessary. Slight diarrhea then, during setting off, if it is rather provable to the cutout of a tooth (condition heated up and the inflammatory of the rubber points immediately to this as the source of the Derangement), is without consequence, but it may not be confounded for the disturbance, which results from other causes. Lancing the rubber immediately then removes the cause, and cures generally the intestine objection.