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Lack of milk can exist even on a very early period after delivery, and one removes nevertheless. This is not to be completed however with the means too frequently refuge taken too; for them is the habit with many, two or three weeks after their restriction, if the supply material of nutrition for the child is poor to participate to of the Malzgetrnk for its increase largely. Sooner or later this is found harmful for the constitution of the mother: but how this is to be then prevented lack? The nurse however in the good health hold to let and this point, which is won, the milk, regarding the quantity and the quality, its, as plentifully, nutritious and good, how can be produced by the individual.

I would recommend a normal, generous and nutritious diet; not a description of the food exclusive, but, how natural is, a healthy, a mixture, an animal and a Gemsedit, with or without wine or Malzgetrnk, according to former habit; and occasionally where Malzgetrnk was never taken before, a half liter good sound Ale with advantage can be taken daily, if it agrees with the stomach. Regular exercise is in the free one of the greatest importance, since it has an extraordinary influence, if they promote the isolation of the healthy milk. Early after it left lying in area, car exercise, in which it can be achieved, is to be preferentially, exchange in one week or so, against horse exercise or the daily way. The laue or cold seawater shower bath, should be used each morning; but, if it cannot be carried, washing bodies the Withsaltwassers off must be replaced.

By accepting the preceding plan with perseverance, a chest is received from milk, as plentiful in the quantity, and well in the quality, how the constitution of the parents can produce, since the following case examines:

I worried myself a lady twenty four years of life, a sensitive, but healthy woman, in its first restriction. The work was good. Each thing aimed at to well the first week, except that, although the breasts were increased and a good supply material gave to nutrition for the child, at its conclusion promised it only from the nipple little oozes. During the following fourteen days took place a slight, but very gradual increase of the quantity, so that only one dessert became to receive Spoonful over the center of this period, and possibly doubles this quantity at its decline. Meanwhile the child was drawn in necessarily after an artificial diet, and as consequence its intestines were spirit-disturbed, and a strict diarrhea followed.

For three or four days it was a question, whether the small one would live, because so largely it had been reduced by the Lockerheit of the intestines, which it did not have the strength to seize to the nipple of its nurse; the milk therefore was connected to be drawn and the child with it by a spoon to be drawn in. After the mistake of some days however it could reach the mother’s milk for itself; and, of the case, to form during the same month briefly the mother and the child, which were home returned, recovered a former very appropriate portion of healthy milk in her bosom and in the child essend perfectly and after him obviously fast progressing.

Where however has it an early lack in the supply material of nutrition given, happens it very frequently that, the 6th or 7th month ago, which is larger demands of the child as the mother can itself meet. The lack must become balanced by artificial food, which must be from a kind, which is inserted generally the 6th month ago and by the bottle is given.