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Interests during the pregnancy

There is nothing, which is as, to let something wrong go during the pregnancy more stressful. It does not constitute, if it is your first time, that is more pregnant or your quarter. It gives to be concerned many approximately during your pregnancy things, and it is more simply, if you know, what it is.

Vaginales bleeding this knows alias uncovering, but, to examine whether is, what it is the matter. There is a difference between active bleeds and soils. Uncovering bleeds easily a little like its period, the blood can red, to pink colors or be even brown. If you bleed actively with any pain call your doctor, if you cannot receive an influence from it, to the first-aid post go immediately. To bleed some things of implanting, of ectopic the pregnancy, of blowing, from the infection can be or even from the miss. Their doctor always inform, therefore everything can be crossed out, you feels better also.

Stomach pain or a obligations during the pregnancy can be hard it to decode the difference between increasing pain and actual stomach pain/that a obligations. However if you receive pain of any kind remainder. After some minutes, if it does not diminish, calls your doctor and describes the pain to it. Around it, if you find, out you only gas do not worry yourselves had or Braxton Provinzlerkontraktionen, at least you know had that everything is with pregnancy okay.

Flood of the liquid, which this could mean that you are in the work and that your water fallow, however, if it is not close at the time of the birth it some more be can. Their doctor immediately call and for the first-aid post precede.

Dehydratisierung, while you are more pregnant it, is not simple, to be drained particularly if you have morning illness or straight, those 8 glasses water to drink. If you are to slats, dizzy dry mouth or, you could be drained and be seen should by a doctor. Dehydratisierung can cause premature work and/or distress on the pregnancy.

Painful Urination – an infection of the urine-separating surface could be, alias a UTI. This can be easily treated with medication or with the drinking of the lots liquids and Preiselbeersaftes. An infection of the urine-separating surface is not something to be approximately confused it is very general among pregnant women. The increasing belly presses against their ureter and forms it harder, so that it flows through. Which infection can cause naturally. Another way to find out if you have it, is, if you have a against the rules smell, if it pinkeln.

Pregnancies cannot be enough fear SAM, there are a reason to add it. If you at all inside doubts are or an interest discussion with your doctor have. It is general that Mammen of the first time around many pain are ensured, which believe it. Are never afraid of designating, because you wake fear up above before the doctor have, or because you feel stupid. Being stupid power the baby simply store. While you worry yourselves, cause only for pressure on you and the baby, finds out, what injustice is and relieve your fear.