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HOMOEOPATHY – introduction

Homoeopathy is imported a system of medicine from a German physician, who was Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.He generally allopathic a doctor, who practices because of the side effects and temporary discharge of symptoms of Allopathie left. For its bread and butter he began to translate the medical books to the different languages. While it translated medica materia cullens, it encountered the Chinarindenbaum a herb medicine coincidentally, was called. It written that Chinarindenbaum malaria couriers can and it can also produce the symptoms, the malaria on healthy individuals similarly are. This brain and it the point of clicked cock man prepared an excerpt of the Chinarindenbaumbarke and taken. To its surprise it developed some symptoms of malaria such as showers and achings. It caught to do the same experiment on different individuals and the result was the same.

By this experiment cock man came to know that each possible drug, which can produce a set of symptoms on healthy humans can be used, around the similar symptoms in an ill person to couriers. It gave the different malaria patients to Chinarindenbaum and the result was wonderful and a system called homoeopathy developed. The word homoeo means the similar, pathy central suffering. The basic principle of homoeopathy is similia similibus curantur means such as healing healing. Cock man prepared some other drugs using white spirits than carriers and began to experiment at the different age groups and noticed down the symptoms, which were produced in them. It examined that nearly 30 drugs and the produced symptoms were systematically noticed down. The symptoms collected, by drug-examining, were categorized on behalf in a book form, which was called materia medica pura.

Cock man noted that, by being diluted the rough drug of substences in the spirit, a dynamic energy is developed and for producing the symptoms on healthy people is responsible. Cock man began, treatement to give somany the ill persons with the medicine, which was prepared by him on the use basic rule similia similibus curantur and received wonderful healings and homoeopathy begun on whole earth to spread.

It gave medicine to some patients and noted that symptoms return again. Thus he understood that the cause should be treated for the illness. To acting experiments and observations, he came, to know that diseases are really caused by somewhat dynamic forces and it them as miasms called. [psora, syphilis, sycosis] it noted that, to a person to couriers completely these should be exterminated miasms using a similar dynamic Kraft. Too antimiasmatic drugs, which are the drugs, lead this idea the illness have, which energy producing, which is similar miasms. It developed sticking on anti-drugs and experimented at ill persons and received wonderful healings.

Development of homoeopathy

The basic rules of homoeopathy were written in book form and it called them Organon of medicine. Lateron, which it began, these work to publish and six expenditures Organon were published. From the outset of homoeopathy somany the doctors of other system began to work approximately homoeopathy. But those, which were approximately homoeopathy lateron, came, the truth behind homoeopathy and the same to know to practice begun. Physicians like Dr. J T Kent, Dr. Hering, Auftrag of the Dr. of cock man of the Dr. – Boenonghausen ect more followed and develops the system. They began completely a preparing somany other drugs due to guidelines, which were given by Hahnemann.Physicians, came that, in order to know the dilution of the drug substance in the spirit on a systematic kind, the medical energy although quantity drug decreases increases. Since diseases are because of the dynamic causes, the medicine should dynamically also be. By a designated Prozepotentisation the same drug in the different levels of forces were formed. They found that, by the increase Kraft, which are increased penetration energy of medicine thereby it act on a high-grade as the usual material form of the drugs, which are used in other systems. This singular kind of homoeopathic medicine is the reason for the wonderful healings even the mental disorders.

General basic rules

Homoeopathy treats the ill individual as a whole rather as, ill parts or organs treating. The physical, spirit, emotional, social spheres of a person for a permanent healing one regards. This system believes that the diseases are caused because of the Derangement of the vital Kraft, which is an invisible energy in each individual. In a healthy condition vital Kraft the equilibrium of the sense body maintains and – soul. During this man has normal feelings and functions. If vital Kraft keeps affected, there are external expressions in the form of indications and symptoms. The inequality in the bodily functions forms a protection for forign organisms (bacterium, viruses, mushrooms, Protozoen ect) and lets it &produce diseases so called strongly increase. Homoeopathy believes that thet the material desease before the bacterium and the viruses comes, therefore the basic cause of the illness for one permenent healing to be treated must. The antibacterial means and the anti-virus means remove only the secondary causes, which are mentioned above.

Diseases are produced by the harmful morbific means, which are called Miasms, which are dynamic influences, which vital Kraft affect. There are mainly three miasms PSORA, SYPHILIS&SYCOSIS. These three causes are accepted, by other medical faculties however designated by different names. Psora causes malfunctions, causes syphilis structural changes in the form of destruction and sycosis causes changes in the form of berwuchterung. These three miasms can function in the combined form separately or to produce to the different disease conditions.

Preperation of medicine in homoeopathy

In homoeopathy the medicine from different sources such as minerals, plants, animals, poison materials, ill of parts are ect prepared. Medicine is prepared from these substances by a system process, which is called potentisation. Here potentised the soluble substances by the dilution (mixing with spirit with one downward attack) with spirit and the insoluble substances, by (trituration) rubbing with sugar of milk. The rough drug substance is mixed first with a computed quantity spirit and water and held for few days. Excerpt is taken and called by this mixture the Muttertinktur (designated, how Q).From dilutions of these Muttertinktur are prepared through potentisation. Potentisation is a mathematical process, by which the quantity of the original drug substance reduces, but medical energy increases. Dependant on the relationship of the quantity of the drug substance and – carrier (spirit or sugar of milk) there are different scales for this process. Each scale has different forces, which indicate energy of medicine. Example in the decimal scale the drug substance carrier relationship is1/10 and those availables of forces are 3x, ect 6x.12x. In that centismal scale is the relationship 1/100 and the existing forces is 30c, ect 200c, in which LM-Kraft is the relationship 1/50000 and the existing forces are 0/1.0/2.0/3 ect. Kraft is written after the name of each medicine

The same medicine is present into different forces. Usable Kraft according to as many facters as weight, depth illness, condition of the patient, kind of the illness, kind of symptoms, age of the patient is ect preselected and.

Topics studies in homoeopathy: –

History of medicine

History and development of homoeopathy

Pioneers of homoeopathy

Organon of medicine

Homoeopathic philosophy

Materia medica

Homoeopathic pharmacy and Pharmacognosy

Homoeopathic repertoire

Homoeopathic drop taking

Homoeopathic Therapeutik

General medical topics:

(Anatomy, physiology, pathology, microbiology, Parasitologie, toxicology, judicial medicine, social and preventive medicine, surgery, HNO, Gynkologie and birth assistance, eye medicine, dentistry, Orthopedics, surgery, general medicine, child medicine, Dermatologie, psychiatry and ect)

Homoeopathic drop taking and – regulation.

Healing by one homoeopathic medicine is fast permenent, easy and if correct aid in the usable dose. one gives. A drug for an illness (specific drugs) straight to give cannot give good result possibly. Around to a correct corrective diagnosis to come we should have the Symptomatologie of the person. It is ect the total symptoms of a person, who closes spirit generals, physical generals, certain of symptoms.

All indications and symptoms (mental&physical) of the person is let in detail. The knowledge past illness approximately, family history by diseases, food and intestine habits, person causes, relation to the climatic changes and constitution to be ect down in a systematic order noticed.

Spirit symptoms:

Example: Fear, fear, lowest point, anger, jealousy and ect.

Physical symptoms:

Example: Those like body condition, appetite, thirst, desires, aversion, intestines, Urination, sleep, taste, condition of the smell, unloadings all abnormal feelings pain, Burning, climatic changes, thermal relations and etc..

Strange rare symptoms:

This is the speciality homoeopathic of the system of medicine. For the allotters of a usable aid these symptoms are much symptoms – Monday, which are nearly with all patients are seen a little important. This is the reason for giving the different individuals of the different medicine, who suffer from the same illness. Example: Five people, which suffer from typhoid fever-like, can receive five different aids because of the changes of the individual symptoms.

Determined/local signs&symptoms:

The indications include this &symptoms, which are referred to parts of the body &organs.

Example: Concerned, each possible swelling, decolorization ect divide.

Body examination: –

Different systems are examined in a systematic order. (Breathing system, digesting system, nervous system, heart container system and ect.) Vital indications

Impulse, blood pressure, temperature, breathing rate to be ect examines here.

General physical examination:

Here parts of the body from head examined to foot for findout all possible changes.

provisional disease diagnosis; Here probable diseases are determined. In homoeopathy the illness diagnosis is not that much, which is important for the allotters of an aid to know but used for central management and the prognosis.

Investigations: This includes laboratory tests and other methods, in order to find all other main diseases out.

Concluding disease diagnosis:

According to acting all investigations, the illness is determined.

Corrective diagnosis:

This is importnant part, if homoeopathy one concerns. For this the preselected symptoms are arranged in a systematic order on the basis by value. Symptoms are analyzed, in order to find the value out of each symptom for the allotters of an aid. Aids are preselected on the basis by similarity.

Usable aids are determined by a designated Prozerepertorisation. Here the books, which are called repertoires, are used. Repertoire is the index of symptoms of materia medica (books, which contain the symptoms of the drugs). Nowadays computer Softwares are used for repertorisalion. By this process we receive the aids, which cover maximum important symptom of the patient.

Under this group aids the verwendbarste aid is preselected, by one different books and in consideration of the life space investigation of the patient. refers. The preselected medicine is given in the usable Kraft and in the dose.


The basic cause of the illness is miasms, which should be exterminated using usable sticking on anti-drugs. Each drug can exterminate miasm, if there is symptom similarity. There are psoric anti-drugs, syphilitische anti-drugs and sycotic anti-drugs. After the diagnosis, miasm the usable sticking on anti-drug must be given, in order to lock the healing.