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Hernie is an abnormal Vorwlbung of the internal organs by an abnormal opening in the wall of the area. A combination of the increased pressure within the body with weakness in the wall is responsible for this condition. In this condition the internal organs or the parts of organs swelling are out increased in an educated manner out-confessed, the size with coughing and raising weight, and when leading the bolster and the urine. In lie-lower position swelling does not go inward exceptionally into strangled and reducible Hernie.

Causes: –

1, weakness in the body wall: —

a) Kongenitale weakness.

b) The acquired weakness because of the injuries, wasting muscles, suppurative injuries in the wall and presence of the weak natural openings, Korpulenz, lack of exercise, repeated pregnancy.

c) Surgical enterprise with that inappropriate sewing or sepsis of the worked on place of assembly.

2) Increased pressure within the body.

a) Chronic blockage.

b) Declining cough.

c) Weight-raise.

d) Restriction of Urethra.

General places of assembly for Hernie: —

Hernie can do occure everywhere in the body. However there are some general places of assembly for Hernie. Because of the presence of the hard knchernen coverage box wall is not concerned normally. Hernie in the untereren back is also because of the thorn and back-muscle and starkeligamente and sheeths rare. The general place of assembly for Hernie is abdominal wall. Compared to other one divides the abdominal wall is weak because of the presence of some natural openings. There are something ranges, where the Abdominal muscles is weaker and thin and all form these factors a probability for herniation. The general places of assembly for Hernie are following.

a) Inguinal Hernie:

Here the Abdominal contents stands out by inguinal the channel (passage in the untereren abdominal wall straight over inguinal the Ligament. It is seen on both sides). This kind is general in the men. First swelling comes, only during loading and goes back with itself putting down. Later the large part of the intestine can come out, which cannot go possibly back easily.

b) Thigh ago never:

This kind of the Hernie is more in the women. Here the Abdominal exceeds contents by the thigh channel, which is seen straight below the bypass between the thigh and the untereren abdominal wall (within the thigh triangle). Contents exceed downward and come out through saphenous opening in the thigh and form a swelling under the skin.

c) Navel ago never:

This is general in the children. The Umbilicus is the weaker part abdomens. Contents abdomens can become as pear such as thresholds with crying and clear.

d) Incisional Hernie:

This Hernien is seen into worked on places of assembly. Because of inappropriate sewing or sepsis becomes the worked on place of assembly with the result of the Hernie weakly.

e) Epigastric Hernie:

Here hearniation the occures in the Epigastrium. It is rare art.

f) Lumbale Hernie:

Here the Hernie within the lumbalen range appears on both sides of the lumbalen thorn (in the lumbalen triangle). This is also rare art.

g) Obturator Hernie:

This is a rare kind Hernie. Here contents exceed through obturator Foramen in the basin bone.

Complications of the Hernie: —

1) Strangling:

If hernial the opening is narrow, the Abdominal contents cannot go possibly back easily, and later the blood circulation can lie to the break-suffering fabrics to constricition blocked. This can cause death of the out-standing intestine.

2) Intestinales obstacle:

This occures, if the complete part of the intestine is out-confessed inside to hernial the bag. The narrow hernial opening blocks the passage of the intestines.

3) Infection and Peritonitis:

If there is strangling with death of a part of the intestine, there is spreading of the infection to the abdomen with the result of the Peritonitis.

Treatment of the Hernie: —

Initial at the beginning of: In the initial stages of the Hernie the following steps can be useful

1) Use of the Hernieriemens:

Special kinds of the Hernieriemen are present for each kind heania. This prevents the Vorwlbung and reduces those pain.

2) Blockage, declining cough, urine-separating obstacle ect should be treated.

3) Fat reduction increases the strength of the abdominal wall.

4) Abdominal exercises to increase to the muscle clay/tone.

5) Much of the sheet vegetable, to which fruits and the fiber-like diet for simple chair courses take.

6) Other systems such as Homoeopathy, herb medicine and ect try

If no discharge by the steps a general surgeon for surgical management, specified above, consult.

Surgical treatment.

The following enterprises are effected as a function of above the kind and kind of the Hernie.

1) Hertniotomy: This enterprise contents hernial of the bag are imprinted inside to the abdomen and beginning of the bag is connected with Transfixionverbindung and the bag is cut off.

2) Herniorrhaphy: Here together with herniotomy the rear wall is repaired.

3) Hernioplasty: This enterprise took place, if herniotomy, possible is not because of the broad beginning of the bag. Here is the repair with healp the not absorbable materials such as tantalum gauze, polypropylene into one another to seize or high-grade steel into one another seizes taken place.