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Heartburn dhauptzeichen the acid reflux illness, – causes and –

Heartburn dhauptzeichen the acid reflux illness, – causes and – care

acid reflux illness is a product of the disturbance esophageal of the closing muscle to work correctly. Because of abnormal acid production digest-promoting processes concerned are and the causes burning feelings in the stomach, box and even up to the sophagus. To weak-acider production does not arrange to open the valve in the stomach. Like that the tendency of the gastric acids is to rise above and inflame the sophagus. On the one hand too much acid production follows the same case.

Many factors give to be considered responsible, can for acid reflux illness. Of that the use to many salt is. Apart from white spirits, Koffein and smoking, which add all the risk of the acid reflux , salt is closed unexpectedly, in order to cause and aggravate the illness. Findenes of this is in the agreement to the studies of the researchers of Sweden. They found out from the lifestyle of their specimens that extra table salt increases the risk of having the acid reflux illness up to 70%. This is exciting concern, because it is suggested that extra table salt can damage more, the white spirits and Koffein. A study, which was led by Dr. Roshini Rajapaksa of the new YorkhochschulGesundheitszentrums, in connection, testified the same effects on the risks to many table salt.

Innumerable individuals, who also suffer from acid reflux illness, suffer the incommodity and the pain of its symptoms. The main character of the acid reflux illness is persistent Heartburn. Rarely the Heartburn, which will experience from most people, can not to a acid reflux problem lead, but a regular occurrence up to three times one week earns correct attention already. In some cases it gives individuals, who do not suffer from Heartburn, although they have acid reflux illness.

Heartburn is normally experienced, after it ate a heavy meal or, if it bends or lies down. The symptom is marked by the burning feeling, which develops from the upper abdomen and to the back of the breastbone. Then a burning feeling is believed into the box. With the time past, those travel pain up to the throat, until you experience a acid taste in your mouth. All radiate the pain during the back that you become uncomfortably and not capable of doing things.

Some the other indications of the acid reflux illness are regular Hoarseness particularly in the morning and find the heavy time to swallow the suffocating feeling, where the food seems, in the throat to be clung constantly, dry cough with unknown quantities a cause and bad breath. These are straight some the symptoms, which the person can do by acid reflux illness on considers added.

These symptoms can be treated dependant on the frequency and the level the pain nevertheless. Particularly Heartburn knows larger attention, because it more, than those could to be pain need, it you caused. Further tests should be gone through, in order to underline the material root and the length of the damage, which the Heartburn had gone. Only the doctor can prescribe you the medications, which reduce an acute Heartburn.

Healthy habits like correct diet and exercise should be also developed in your daily system to avoid around the symptoms and the acid reflux illness totally to couriers. And bad habits like smoking and drinking white spirit and Koffeingetrnke should be also avoided or lowered. This is the natural way of the treatment of each possible illness.