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Exercise and pregnancy

A medication for pregnant women to prescribe is a complicated process.

Before birth aides and gynecologists decide, which dose, of which, knows drug best festiveness a condition, without any harmful side effects on the mother and the baby to set, hold them for the age of the patient, general health, the number months before delivery, tolerance for medications, and any different one adds drug pregnant patient can take.

Prescribing exercise on pregnant women must be straight, as scientific and accurately. The kind, the intensity, the frequency and the duration of one dose of the exercise are critical all. A person, who is healthy, strong training, could be dangerous for others. These dangers can be larger in the pregnant women, because they are more probable, to have loads and other serious side effects for the alleged mother.

However if exercise is introduced and accomplished to a normal, average distance, exercise does not have an effect on the total condition of the pregnancy and particularly on work or delivery.


Qualittsprenatale care should be given to a mother during its pregnancy. She should be prepared for the normal delivery of a healthy baby. Complications should be prevented at any price.

All these things are cooked down to the fact that a pregnant woman should be interested, so that she is not forced strong work to settle, but not in bed and should to be unaktiviert also remained, until she relieves their baby.

Consequently a condition of the pregnant woman in relationship with growth and the development of the baby in the side their Geb5rmutter varies. Therefore it is necessary that correct health guidance is made available by its physician during their visit.

In addition it is important to regard the Active life of the pregnant woman in order not to only promote good health, for it in addition, as the baby most importantly.

Physical conditions like blood pressure, weight and state of health during the visit of the pregnant woman to their doctor are normally supervised. For this reason it is important to notice that exercise can be the factor of the No. one, for these aspects in good condition to hold.

As the health experts struggle, become sufficient physical and emotional information from a pregnant woman needs, in order to prepare for delivery. It needs practical reports of health, if it and the healthy baby hold themselves.

Therefore for mothers or alleged mothers, who not are why them something effort with the engagement into moderate, normal exercise exercise should, here a list of some of its use is still conscious, so that you are to understand the reason why pregnant women regularly to train to have:

1. Despite against fatigue

While muscle is fatigued, it produces fewer Kraft. In order to fulfill a task the stairs climb may, e.g. or snow digging, must more units of the muscle in play be designated around geermdeten muscles to support.

Tired muscles are less efficiently and less effective. Therefore this straight more load sets on the pregnant woman because of the weight, which adds each day continuously. That is, why tired muscles normally result to the leg clips or to the wounds muscles.

Which must know each pregnant woman, it is that exercise the condition improves to work muscles and their ability, without fatigue longer.

2. Back pain reduce

Even if you sit or, work some muscles, and such relatively simple situations can tax some muscles and cause fatigue. Muscles of the untereren back e.g. can be exhausted by the effort of holding out and carried put up, if a pregnant woman still some hours stand long.

With exercise a pregnant woman can repair this disturbance, by developing its situation.

3. The quantity of the oxygen increase

Work and exercise are based on Glycogen, a substance, those by the body from complicated coal hydrates to be produced and stored muscles and liver. The supply material of the Glycogens in the muscles determines and limits the duration of the activity. Exercise uses the Glycogen in the muscles and leads to tiredness.

However if Glycogen is used by industrious activity, she is replaced in the quantities, which are larger as forwards, as if the body recognized the necessity to put into a larger supply material fuel.

Therefore oxidation for the transformation of the Glycogens is into the energy substantially, which pregnant Mrs. a wiggle finger need, a muscle bends or the lungs and the heart for something burning through activity during the normal delivery practices.

These are straight some many of the use, the exercise to get can the pregnant women. In addition nothing is completely wrong for a pregnant woman, who does some moderate exercises. The only important thing to itself to remind is those, before it starts a exercise program whether more pregnant or not, it is best to consult your doctor. How they say, doctors know best!