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Exercise and damage

Every time you train, your brain releases the chemicals, which admits as Endorphins is, which produce a feeling of the euphoria, which is highly well-known as runner, that also very simply, chemically addicted to become too.

Without this attack you feel attractionable and from it, until you train again. Therefore you continue training and hear not, as which really your body explains to you – to which to stop is.

The principal reason-addicted continue, pressing itself lies in, which happens, if they do not prepare.
Normally, if they are not capable to train, indicate them indications of the lowest point, fear, disorder,
and with even less happy its.

Pain and pain
Over training does not only affect the understanding, but the body in addition. Exercise does first, what is to do it, give you a seat body, but, as soon as you cross the line however, it can drastically. Muscle
Damage, Osteoarthritis and heart problems will wait all into the wings, if you continue to exaggerate
it. The body has delimitations and if it beyond to press
this delimitation, you do not do, to anything however damage yourselves.

Therefore if you are sharp
in order to enjoy the use of receiving the seat, you bend
to the delimitations exceed.

The initial characters of the over exercise are removal, which can lead a structure to the fatigue. Maintenance inside
worry, it are not only muscles, which are endangered,
but the bones in addition. Many people, which train
to the point of injuries as press themselves
Seeming splints or even printing breaks, lean then off to stand still, that more largely and sometimes even caused
permanent damage.

A lively way does not even come in the morning
without risk, as going too much can lead
Osteoarthritis. If you go, work
against the force of gravity. Although you train
Their muscles, you damage also your knee connections in addition.

Many people, which go above to one hour or daily, terminate above with objections of pain in the knees. The fact is, also shake the knees damage and also
in addition many sit ups can injure. As with any kind
the exercise is moderation of the keys.

They should start always gradually and combine some different kinds training, which is unity
Thing, which possessed testing methods forget to do. One of the largest complication factors of the people those
addicted received to train it is that they bend
would drive through same training to each day,
which weitereren increases the risk of the permanent damage.

Think to the right
They to the point to never prepare should in that you
Feeling exhausted completely, as soon as you terminated.
Their delimitation with exercise should be 45 minutes to one hour, four or 7 days in the week. If you are
finished, your training should leave feeling to you
freshly and energy. Each week should form it for A
Point to take to the break of a daily – when your body become
To relax necessity and rejuvenate.

The key to obtaining this lies completely in their
Attitude, as the way is training to a healthy
Life. If you do it, in order you only to please, miss the entire purpose, if you stand on there
the balance.

If you things one day at one time take and do not do
over it, you do are good on your way to a healthy body. Training can be much fun and a way
ease to itself, if you do not rush it. Slow start
and your way gradually above work on. Before you know it, you can prevent injuries before it
happened and knows you exactly, what you need
do, in order to remain healthy.


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