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Exercise and blood high pressure

It seems, as if many Americans live a life, which leads too high blood pressure or blood high pressure. While people age, the situation keeps worse. Nearly half of all older Americans have blood high pressure. This illness educates people five times more susceptibly to attacks, three times more probably, to have a cardiac infarct and to two until three times more probably to experience a heart failure.

The problem with this illness is this nearly thirds of the peoples, blood high pressure does not know it does not have, because they never believe the somehow direct pain. But beyond the time Kraft of this pressure the inner surface of your blood vessels damages.

However in opinion of the experts, predestined blood high pressure not. The decrease of the salt inlet, the acceptance conclusions of a weight of the desirable ditetischen sample and training can prevent all assistance blood high pressure.

Obviously finishing the bad habits and the meal help an easily fetthaltigen diet, but most important part, which you can do, is to train. And straight there exercise member muscles strengthened and improved, increases it also the health heart muscles.

Heart and exercise

The exercise suggests the development of the new connections between prevented and the nearly normal blood vessels, so people, which exercise, had a better blood supply material to the whole muscle tissue of the heart.

The human heart generally, supply supply bloodsupply blood to a range of the heart damaged Infarktbildung in one myokardialen. A cardiac infarct is not a condition, in that, the Myocardium or the heart muscle sufficient oxygen and other nutrients receives and thus it begins to die.

For this reason and after a row careful examinations, observed some researchers that exercise can suggest the development of these life saving detours in the heart. A study-further shown that moderately several times exercise week, is more effective, if it develops these additional courses as those extremely strong exercise twice so, which took place frequently.

Such information led some people to think of exercise as Panazee for heart disturbances, a Failsafeschutz against blood high pressure or death. That is not like that. Even marathoners can blood high pressure, have suffered and exercise combination of other factor of risk not have overcome.

What causes blood high pressure?

Sometimes deviations of the kidney are responsible. There is also a study, where the researchers marked more general contributing factors such as transmission, Korpulenz and lack in physical activity. And so, can do which to the lower blood pressure are done and the risk of the Entwickelns of blood high pressure avoids? Again exercise, seems to be straight which the doctor order could.

If you think, which is, what he does then the attempt, for considering and some ways for finding to this list, as these things can contain and begin you into your lifestyle to live a life of the possibilities of the Entwickelns of blood high pressure freely. But, before you began after the systematic instructions, it would be better to repeat it first before one came into an act.

1. Their doctor see
Examine before the beginning of a exercise program with your doctor. If it any important changes in your level of the physical activity – particularly if those changes to your circulation system could set the large and sudden demands – to examine with your doctors again make.

2. Take slowly

Begin progress gradually on a low, comfortable level of the effort and. The program is sketched in two stages, in order to permit a progressive increase of the activity.

3. Their delimitation know

Their safety delimitation for effort determine. Some reference points such as sleep problems use or the day after a training fatigue, in order to examine on whether you exaggerate it. As soon as characterized, within it remain. the overpractice is dangerous and not necessary.

4. Exercise regularly

They must prepare a minimum from three times week and a maximum of five times one week to receive most use. As soon as you are in the maximum condition, individual training knows week the muskulsen use maintained. However cardiovascular suitability requires more frequent activity.

5. Exercise with a rate within your capacity

The optimal use for older testing methods is produced by exercise with 40% to 60% by capacity.

Indeed weight loss is by exercise an excellent starting point, if you prevent paler dead blood high pressure. Experts say that its overloaded with a increased risk of the Entwickelns of blood high pressure one connects, and conclusion weight reduces the risk.