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Everyone wishes health insurance?

Health insurance is important to each individual, because one never knows, when he needs it. Because of the progress in the modern medicine, in the medical diagnosis and in the treatment procedures as before much more expensively now its. Everyone can afford the full costs medical treatment, which could add thousands dollar easily above.

The tremendous increase of the health insurance prices in the last years is different health-referred factors such as absence of regular exercise, unhealthy food elections, exodus of the doctors away from poor ranges and rural areas, white spirit consumption, cigarette smoking, the popularity of drug dependence, the increased body fat, that to Korpulenz to lead and to the seat life, that nowadays from most individuals led was attributed.

Health insurance cover came 1694 by Hugh the older Chamberlen, first thought of the concept of the health insurance. In late 19. the century century health insurance insurance against invalidity was called, because health insurance was limited only at medical costs of such injuries, which would possibly lead to inability.

Health insurance is a program, in which the insurer pays the medical costs of the insured ones, the insured ones becomes afflicted with the illness because of the diseases or accidents if, which are covered by the plan of the insured one. There are private organizations and government agencies, the health insurance offers.

Health insurance is classified under private or non-governmental cover or by the state promoted. A private health insurance is bought by a private health insurance company and they are continued to classify under occupation-created health insurance, those, if you are offered through somebody occupation. Reference purchase is plan, in which the individual buys the health insurance from private business.

Private health insurance is disputed, because the insurance company must remain solving, while the insured ones should remain in the good health.

If the health insurance covers the plans, which are financed by the government, it is called government health insurance and it can be on a federal, a condition or a local level. This health insurance covers Medicare, Medicaid, military health conservation plans, condition plans and the health insurance program of the condition children (SCHIP).

Medicare is a government health insurance, which carries health care costs for those 65 years old and above. Medicaid is a government health insurance cover, which helps families with dependant children, who, the unfit, blind people and the others are, who have inability and health insurance to need. These two health insurance cover programs make the present state health insurance crisis more difficult, because they determine the price of the medical diagnostics and treatment procedures unintentionally.

The health insurance program of the condition children place health insurance to the children to the order, which is a part with low income parents, who are not qualified for Medicaid, while military health care is the health insurance, which is made available by the civilians and by the department of the veteran affairs (VA). The health insurance, which is made available to condition-specific plan by some conditions for with low of income components, which do not have insurance, called.

Individuals, the health insurance to buy would like to supplement, should a complete form of medical history first, those the history of smoking, the weight of the person, who individual behind diseases and the hospitalizing cover. This is used, because individuals with complaints already existing are not suitable for this health insurance. Discounts can be given to the applicants, who are healthy and who no vices like smoking and drinking white spirits regularly to have.