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Container-created knows werdene teeth: Note of the extending specialist

From curiosity you have the question, why in demand at all teeth receive darkness? Or did you consider even on the possible answers to this simple question?

Tooth decolorization should not be easily taken, although the case should really facilitate, in order to illuminate a smile up.

There are many reasons, why teeth keep stained. The most typical reasons vary from the factors, which are down written:

1. Transmission
2. Consumption of staining the substances (like tea, coffee and colas)
3. excessive fluoride and use of the polishing agents (only the Dentin and strict decolorization of the causes put out) *
4. Stain the Tetracyclins (antibiotic)
5. old fillings
6. aging

Zahnpasten, which become, can the white the means to have the mark lower, which is on the surface of the teeth. The case is coined/shaped also by the dentists, like outside staining. However professional tooth-medical cleaning and white will tooth pastes do not change the actual staining of the teeth, if they are suitably used. This is the principal reason, why tooth-bleach or tooth, which becomes white, is so popular.

Normally the teeth, which become white aids, in two are categorized:

1. Specialist, who becomes white systems

This accomplished by the dentists, who become white gels and lasers, around the solution to normally activate to use. This is normally done within a tooth-medical hospital.

2. House-created teeth, which become white aids

This could become either between appointments of occupation treatments using the white the installation sets do and container-base, techniques knows to become or is straight aids of the kitchen and medicine individual parts, even made. These applications took place normally at home and according to the frequency, which is suggested by dentists and/or by the instructions of a product.

Straight ones as are used the container-created teeth, the technology to the patient white? Read on the following four step procedure:

1. A white werdenes gel is poured completely over a container, which fits straight over the teeth of the patient.
2. The active ingredient within the gel, Carbamidhyperoxyd is subdivided FR that oxygen the enamel can come, in order to bleach the decolorized ranges.
3. The physical structure of each tooth is not really converted by this. Crowns, fillings and tying do not facilitate, but the colored substances become.
4. Forms or impressions of the container are particularly made by the dentists. The accuracy of the containers is critical for treatment

Under are connection questions, which become white most patients over container teeth method are curious.

How is Safe the method?

Most dentists are correct too that it container-bleaches or the white becomes is relatively safe, fast, make easy kinds available to facilitate teeth between two and five colors in an affair of fewer days.

How does this, which is different to other specialist systems white, become?

Under is a list of any specialist, who becomes white a product dentist, if she selects individual parts for it white werdenes occupation system. The kind of bleaching laser or of light is included in parentheses.

1. BriteSmile (Gasplasmalicht/lichtemittierende diode)
2. LaserSmile (laser would bioread)
3. LumaArch (halogen light)
4. Rem Brandt sapphire (plasma sheet light)
5. Loud humming! (Metallhalide light)

Generally laser treatment one takes place, by applying a gel-created solution of the 35% hydrogen peroxide to the teeth of the patient. After one applied the solution to the surface of the teeth, a light is held some tariff away by the mouth of the patient to activate to the hyperoxide component of the gel. There are manufacturers and dentists, that announce that this method works better than the container, the method become white. There are no actual data, which are locked, in order to support their requirements.

Really after one year of the usual treatments of the lifestyle habits (drinking tea, colas, coffee, smoking, etc.) using laser-accompanied white werdenes gel are ignored. This costs you another $ 500 or more, around the same treatment to have again.

However with that made to measure mouthpieces , you can have your usual lifestyle habits for one year and improving approximately changing would drive through one day every 3-6 months, in order to remove the new mark cheaply.