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Colic discharge in the babies

Colic is one of the most general problems in the babies during the first months. The problem is so generally that parents can already employ it, even before it arises. Ways in handling Colic were passed on since generations through by the mouth or by baby books and – selection.

Colic is a problem, which seems everyone to know but few to understand can. Actually up to now scientists and specialists do not know yet, what causes Colic. , It seems to know everything, is that it is marked by pain in the stomach and in the Abdominal range; but where this problem of wohlem is rooted, which is something, which they still try to determine.

Many believe that Colic is genetic. This means that parents, who from Colic suffered, when they were baby also babies produce, who have also Colic. Some set the debt on all genes, which receive babies from their food or from the mother’s milk, which its Mammen gives them. Others think that Colic is straight gas, which keeps within still the developing systems of the baby stucco.
Colic begins already in three weeks of the age. For premature babies beginning is a little more later, because their bodies did not develop still. Colic episodes rise up over approximately second month of the age up and begin to sink on the third month. Frequently episodes stop during the fourth month of the baby.

Colic of symptoms are in such a way obvious that it misses them for parents is impossible. Sometimes sings actual some are thus this in-Ihrgesicht parents bend to shift because of the fear in panic which somewhat more major happens. Colic is not really a serious problem in the babies. Differently than in the horses, if it is regarded to be an urgency and an affair of the life or death colic in the babies stops straight on their. Of course it is important that you also know, to what one colic episode of something differentiates, which is really main. Which you think, is can serious something be already straight colic.

Therefore it is also important that you consult your child physician, if Colic begins to guarantee that it is real colic that you employ. Since there are no tests, which can specify to the Colic, that is most, which doctors do can, to exclude other possible causes of crying and the crying episodes. Under the problems, which can cause, the same reactions are sometimes even intestinale blocking, infection in the abdomen, an ear infection and a scratch in the eye of the baby. Other reasons are obstacle in the digest-promoting surfaces, Hernie and problems in the intestine.

Since it really gives, is treating or curing no specific cause of Colic, Colic not possibly. The only thing, which parents can do, is, to examine whether its babies become so comfortable, as possible, if they suffer episode from one colic.

One of the things, which can do you, is, to go your baby and it above into swaddling in windings. They can hear it somewhat reassuring music also leave, it reassuring to thrash during an episode. It is somewhat important that you do not over-feed your baby, which most parents do, if their babies cry. Also examination with your child physician, if your baby is allergisch to liquids to something food or, which it lets in. Sometimes all genes, which can cause Colic, can be led by the Mamma by mother’s milk the child.