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Colic at home employ

Colic at home employ
Although it must the fact that you get thus it or it the baby to a doctor can be examined is, gives it other ways to relieve the incommodity which is caused by simple Colic at your house. If you are safe that the child experiences only simple Colic, everything, which needs you, is examination sufficient patience and tries these simple main aids:

1. Attempts to relax and comfort the baby, by giving it a Massage. In the course of the years Massage was an effective method of relieving the difference levels of incommodity. Because of this many became available colic release techniques in the Internet or of the publications, which are present in many bookstores.

These numbers of the Massage cover normally simple movements and techniques, which are to learn and be applied simply. Although these techniques do not treat directly the main cause of Colic, them can help much to comfort the child by reducing the level the pain it, or them experiences.

If the Massage took place correctly, she can even help to suggest regular chair course and releasing the gas, which finally reduces a obligations this, causes the extreme pain.

2. Consider using herb tea as simple solution for the Colic. Despite the shining miracles of herb medicine, do not determine more parents that this can be used, in order to treat simple Colic. By exercising a daily paper to four ounces herb tea to the children, you can facilitate the pain and the incommodity, which are caused by the condition.

With agreement of your doctor you can increase the inlet of your child of the herb tea even more largely. Parents, who tried using herb tea as simple main aid for colic, say that some the best herbs for Colic chamomile, ginger, Katzenminze and Pfefferminz close. Generally these are, reliably for your child however examine, whether you do not replace meals by him, thus he not malnutrition caused.

3. The miracles of burping try. Indeed one of the surveyed main aid for Colic are the simple process of burping experts say that, which leaves your child burp forwards, after and during supply the quantity of air to reduce can entering into its or stomach and into intestines. During feeding, try, to stop and to then ignore its baby Burp for a minute or two for the entireness of the meal every five minutes leave. Since it can disturb its or meal, the child rejects this first, but, by doing regularly it, you can find the best main aid for it colicky to baby.

4. Warm water bottle or each possible warming device your child to comfort leaves, if it or they experience Colic. Beside burping a simple warm water bottle incommodity of your child can facilitate. By setting warm water bottle or each possible warming device on its or for belly, you can help the intestines to ease and reduce clips you. They know a warm bath also w5ahlen, if your baby loves water.

5. The magic of the Katzenminze try. By cooking 1/4 bowl of the Katzenminze in a boiler of the water, you can facilitate the pain and the incommodity, which are caused by Colic. After you cooked the Katzenminze, them using Seihtuch or a fine filter to load. They cooling leave, first before you give them to your child. If it or they because of the taste show the indications of the dislike, you can add few sugars it.

6. The miracle of the vacuum cleaner. As soon as the baby begins to cry, if it or they experience Colic, try, to switch on the vacuum cleaner. They note that the attention of the baby of its or stomach on the clay/tone shifts, which is caused by the cleaning agent.

7. Cooked Fernel seed uses, in order to diminish, in order to dilute stomachaches, clips and digesting.

8. , Set they cook a strong disk of the bulb into an old entkeimte bottle, and its baby them to drink leave.

9. The use of the formula or the mother’s milk, by maximizing it into a Teelffel, begin and him your child give.

10. The pain of the baby calm down, by rubbing something foot role oil over its or belly.