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Causes of the Schnarchens in the children

The occasional Schnarchen can be normal to the children. New studies show the fact that 3 to 12 per cent children between the age of Schnarcher 1 and 9th however frequency does not mean normality. The Gewohnheitsschnarchen can be a cause more serious complaints, which are called restraining sleep Apneasyndrom or (OSAS) simply, sleep Apnea.

Sleep Apnea is a condition, which as it loud by periods of the breathing interruptions is marked, schnarcht. Interruptions can be short-circuit or expanded, normally between 5 to 30 seconds. During this period could not receive the child to straight sleep. It arouses and moves into another sleeping position, then summaries sleep. After a while it begins to schnarchen again. This activity happens frequently several times during the night, each night. Although this condition appears rare on children, it is very important that parents for symptoms should watch out out, which come together with it.

Symptoms of sleep Apnea cover

Poor language habits – which maintenance sounds like words over to bites the hot potato.
Reduced growth rate. The children, who suffer from sleep Apnea, use more energy with the respiration during the night. While the meals bend they to eat slowly since it is hard for them, at the same time to breathe and chew. The result is, it has the insufficient nutrients to support to their growth.
Hyperactivity. Lack of sleep can cause Schlfrigkeit on children during the daily. In order to remain awake, children function impetuously.
Weak achievement at school. Since children right sleep not while the night receive, they bend, to look tired and the concentration to lack, over at the school to focus so, have a weak achievement.

If these symptoms are visible, it is compelling for parents to get to a child physician and it examine let their child. A child can be smiling happy and, if it is gotten to the doctor and therefore, it is difficult to determine if it has really sleep Apnea. Parents will turn out to note their schnarchenden child thereby the doctor the situation inside analyze can really.

Meanwhile sleep Apnea is not the exclusive reason, why children schnarchen. Other reasons cover allergy attack, – korpulenz, – asthma and – enlargement of the polyps and/or the almonds, which are caused by cold weather or Tonsillitis.

Some allergy attacks can cause thresholds on feeding the nose, which can refer to the enlargement of the polyps. This holds the child of normally breathes. This arranges to schnarchen the child. After the allergy attack, which stops Schnarchen.

Korpulenz can to the Schnarchen also lead. 20% and 40% of the beleibten children actually schnarchen. This is, because fats can form around the throat, cause the concentration can and forms the limited airlines. Also fats in the stomach can arrange the diaphragm to work irregularly

Asthma is another cause, why children schnarchen. A study uncovered that 40% of the children, who were determined with Asthmaschnarcher.

Enlargement of the polyps and/or the almonds, those by cold weather or Tonsillitis resulted to be caused also, to the Schnarchen. While cold weather or Tonsillitis can be cured by Decongestant and antibiotics, adenoide enlargement is treated with surgical procedure, in order to remove polyps and almonds.

Underdevelopment of the jaw within the Geb5rmutter can in addition schnarchen to cause. There is also the possibility the fact that the nerves steer and muscles the airline not correctly and can arrange this child to schnarchen.