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Their nursing for the sick range

As soon as you reached the third trimester, probably begin, above on Krankenpflegebstenhaltern, breast editions and draw to shirts of the button down for the coming months in front in stock. When completely to breast feed, you know its personal range, a customized breast feeding range also cause for. Their nursing for the sick range […]

Set off from breast feeding

If your baby receives a breast feeding stopped and the whole its food from other sources than the chest has, is really considered it as set off. Although babies are set off also from the bottle in addition, the expression refers, sets off frequently, if a baby is stopped by breast feeding. If setting off […]

The first six weeks

Mother’s milk is the best food, you to give can your baby. Mother’s milk is a complete source of food and contains all nutrients your baby necessity – 400 at least from them, to, to be exact including hormone and illness Fightingmittel which is not found in the formula. The nourishing condition in the mother’s […]

Beginnings of the solid food

Mother’s milk is provides all your baby needs until at least 4 months of age. A time comes, if mother’s milk does not supply any more all food necessities for your baby. Term of office babies begin, iron from other sources to 6 – 9 months of the age to demand. Some babies, who are […]

Return to work

As soon as you return to the work, you can continue to breast feed. If you live one near at work or at place of assembly child daily place have, you can be able to breast feed during your breaks. If that is not possible, have 2 elections: 1. Their milk supply hold, by using […]

To breast feed refusal to

Sometimes a baby, who is fed with mother’s milk, can decide suddenly to reject breast feeding. The baby pulls away from the chest, then throws his head from side to side. This can happen at any time, so there is really no way to forecast it happening. Reasons why The refusal, to of the chest […]

To breast feed reasons

For many years scientists played the components out, the mother’s milk the perfect food for babies to form. They have brain growth to the day over 200 close means for combat infection discovered, which help due immune system, help in digesting and to support – nature formed characteristics, which science cannot copy simply. The important […]

Poor milk supply

Nearly all women do not have a problem with the producing of sufficient milk, in order to breast feed. The ideal way to examine whether your baby receives sufficient milk, is, to be surely that it is brought well in position, attached to the chest to draw in and it so frequently as it keeps […]

Other food when breast feeding

Mother’s milk is really the only food, which needs your baby until 4 months of the age, although most babies do or improve well on mother’s milk alone for 6 months. There is really no advantage for adding other food or milk 4 – 6 months ago, exceptionally under unusual circumstances. Water Mother’s milk is […]

Low supply material mother’s milk

Nearly all mothers, who breast feed, go through one period of the Ausfragens whether their supply material is sufficient milk. Some mothers are not simply able to produce sufficient milk in order to fulfill the needs of their baby. In opinion of many experts applicable Inadequacy of milk is very rare. Many women think that […]

As one a breast pump uses

Straight one like a breast feeding, is pumping an ability, which you learn. If they try first a breast pump, most mothers are only able to express some drops of milk. With correct practice and the knowledge the mother at pumping is more efficient. Prepare the breast pump 1. All instructions in the installation set […]

As one selects a breast pump

The milk production in the breasts, completely like so many other things, work to the Scherdirektion of the offer and the demand. Their the body must form more mother’s milk, which uses your baby, for more. Breast pumps are generally used, in order to insure continuous production from mother’s milk to, if you cannot draw […]

As mother’s milk is formed

If you have everyone been more pregnant, or if you are more pregnant now, you probably considered metamorphisis in your Bstenhalterschalen. To be one of the earliest reference points, which understood you, knows the breasts of the changes of systematical test (tender, swollen). Many experts believe that the change of color can useful also be […]

Received begun with breast feeding

If you hold your baby for the first time in the delivery area, you should set its lips to their Chest. Although your due milk did not still develop, your breasts produce still another substance, which admits as Kolostrum is, which helps, to protect your baby against infection. If your baby find trouble or on […]

Engorged of breasts

Within first two to three days after you relieved, can do you that your breasts, to feel swollen, the tender throbbing discover, clotted and excessively fully. Sometimes swelling extends completely to your shoulder cave, and you can let a low fever run in addition. The causes Within 72 hours of relieving, an abundance at the […]

Breast feeding infants

Because ever it decides more women their babies to breast feed, ever find more also that they enjoy it enough, over longer to continue than the first months, which planned them on. Until 3 satisfies – 4 years of life is recently general in much the world and is still Common in many societies, so […]

breast feed publicly

Babies, who are fed with mother’s milk, are very mobile and simple to comfort all the same where your schedule has you to go. Many women however, concern over publicly breast feed. The concern of the care in a public place is normally worse than the actual experience and determines frequently time of only people, […]

Breast feeding complications

Wound nipple Many mothers weight about tender nipples, which form a breast feeding painfully and frustrating. There are good messages, since most mothers do not suffer this long. The nipples harden fast above off and a breast feeding of practically painless transfer. Inappropriately in position babies brought or baby, who suck can the breasts extremely […]

Breast feeding and positioning

For some people the process of breast feeding seems, to come naturally, although there is a level of the ability required thereby successful feeding and a correct technology uses. The wrong positioning is one of the largest reasons for unsuccessful feeding and it can the nipple or the chest even rather easily injure. By painting […]

Breast feeding and jaundice

Jaundice is a result of the accumulation in the blood of the Bilirubins, a yellow pigment, which comes from the classification of the older red blood cells. It is to be subdivided normally for the red blood cells, although the formed Bilirubin not normally causes jaundice, because the liver converts and then it in the […]

Breast feeding one accepted babies

Not only simply breast feeding an accepted baby, it is which are probabilities that you produce a large quantity of milk. It is not made more difficult, in order to do, although it differently as if is, a baby breast feeding, who was months more pregnant you also for 9. Breast feeding and milk There […]

Breast compression

The only purpose of the breast compression is to continue the river from milk to the baby as soon as the baby does not drink no more on its. Kompression suggests also left down reflex and causes frequently a natural let down reflex arise. This technology can useful also be for the following: 1. Poor […]

Use of breast feeding

As soon as you relieved, breast feeding is the individual most important thing, which you do can, in order your baby to protect and help, in order to promote good health. The best of all, breast feeding is free. Together with saving it money on HMR (human milk The re-installation), breast feeding can also help […]

Avoidance of the food when breast feeding

Many women find that they can eat, whatever they can like during breast feeding. Although it is applicable that stongly preferential food the taste of your milk something can change, many babies seem to enjoy the multiplicity of the mother’s milk flavors. Occasionally your baby at the chest can receive verschrob, after you eat certain […]


It should being like like the mother’s milk, as much as possible. This is reached by a mixture of the cow’s milk, the water and the sugar, in the following portions. Cow’s milk, two thirds; Cooking water, third; Loaf sugar, a sufficient to sweet quantity. This is the best diet, which can be used for […]