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Breast feeding infants

Because ever it decides more women their babies to breast feed, ever find more also that they enjoy it enough, over longer to continue than the first months, which planned them on. Until 3 satisfies – 4 years of life is recently general in much the world and is still Common in many societies, so that the infants with mother’s milk are fed.

Because mothers and babies enjoy frequently, in order to breast feed, you should not stop it. After six months many think that mother’s milk is it value loses – which is not applicable. Even after six months it contains still protein, fat and other important nutrients, which need babies and children.

The fact is, immune factors in the mother’s milk protects the baby from infection. Mother’s milk contains also factors, which help the due immune system, and other organs, in order to develop and mature in addition.

It was shown and in the past proven that children in the Kindertagessttte, who still breast feed have far less strict infection than
Children, who do not breast feed. The mother loses less work time, if she selects too
continue maintaining their baby as soon as it is back to work.

If you thought of breast feeding your baby, once, whom exceeded it keeps 6 months of the age, you made a wise decision. Although many believe the fact that it is not necessary always helps mother’s milk babies and infants. Mother’s milk is the best milk, you to give can your baby.

All the same which others can explain to you, breast feeding must is only stopped, if you and the baby are over it united. They do not have to stop, if somebody else wishes you – you should stop only if you believe that it is the correct time.

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