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Breast feeding complications

Wound nipple
Many mothers weight about tender nipples, which form a breast feeding painfully and frustrating. There are good messages, since most mothers do not suffer
this long. The nipples harden fast above off
and a breast feeding of practically painless transfer.

Inappropriately in position babies brought or baby, who suck
can the breasts extremely wund really strongly manufacture.
Under, some ways are to facilitate your incommodity:
1. Guarantee that your baby is in the correct
bring in position, since a baby, who is not brought correctly in position, is the cause of the No. one of the wounds nipples.
2. As soon as you terminated feeding, to put out
Their breasts to air and to the attempt to protect to it against clothes and other inflammations.
3. After you satisfied some ultra to use
Lanolin of the cleaned, medical degree, placing surely, to avoid oil jello and other products with oil.
4. Guarantee to wash your nipples with water
and not with soap.
5. Many women find that Teebeutel ran under cold weather
land on water, in order to make available something discharge, if you are set on
6. They guarantee to differ your position each mark
with feeding to guarantee to that another range of the nipple each mark is compressed.

Clogged milk air pit
Clogged milk air pit can as small, red tender lumps on the fabric of the Brustes be marked. Clogged risers can arrange the milk to support and lead to infection. The best way to free these risers is to guarantee that you emptied as completely as possible. They should offer the clogged chest for the feeding time first, then leave your empty baby it as much as possible.

If milk remains after feeding, the remaining quantity of a pump should be removed personally or with. They should not also hold pressure away from the riser, by guaranteeing your Bstenhalter, are too firm.

Breast infection
Alias mastititis, breast infection is normally because of the empty breasts completely made of milk, microbes out
Production entrance to the milk risers by leaps or to the columns in the nipple and reduced immunity in the mother because of the pressure or the insufficient food.

The symptoms of the breast infection cover the strict pain or Soreness, hardness of the Brustes, turning red the Brustes, the heat, which come from the range, thresholds or even showers.

The treatment of the breast infection covers praying remainder, antibiotics, schmerzlindernde means, increased liquid inlet and the use of heat. Many women stop to breast feed during an infection although it is really the wrong thing to do to. By emptying the breasts, become
really help, clogged milk air pit to prevent.

If those are pain thus bad, which you try not to be able not to draw in, A, use
when putting pump to a tub warm water with their
Breasts, which swim comfortably into the water. They should also examine whether the pump not if you is electrical
plan to use they in the bath tub.

They should always examine whether breast infection
and completely or you are treated immediately to be able
the probability of the abscess risk. An abscess is much
painfully, throbbing and swelling with including. They become
inside also experienced, softness and heat swell
the range of the abscess. If the infection of this gets ahead far, your doctor can prescribe medicine and
even surgery.

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