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Breast feeding and positioning

For some people the process of breast feeding seems, to come naturally, although there is a level of the ability required thereby successful feeding and a correct technology uses. The wrong positioning is one of the largest reasons for unsuccessful feeding and it can the nipple or the chest even rather easily injure.

By painting the cheek of the baby with the nipple, the baby opens his mouth toward to the nipple, which should be imprinted then, so that the baby receives to bites of the nipple and the Areola. This
in position bring well-known, like on locking. Many women prefer it to carry a Krankenpflegebstenhalter in order to permit simpler entrance to the chest than other normal Bstenhalter.

The length of the feeding time differs. Independently of it the duration of the feeding time, is important it for mothers to be comfortable. The following is positions, which can use you:
1. Upright – the seat position where
the back is straight.
2. Mobile – mobile is where the mother
their baby in a belt or in a hoisting engine carries when breast feeding. Acting this permits the mother to breast feed in the work of the everyday life life.
3. Lie down – this is good for night cart-loads or for those, which had a Cesarian.
4. Auf ihr zurck – die Mutter sitzt
somewhat upright, also a useful position for the tandem-quiet.
5. On their side – the mother and the baby both
Lie on their sides.
6. Hands and knees – in this drawing in position the mother on all is fours with the baby under it. In the understanding hold, this position not normally one recommends.

Every time you do not feel comfortable into a different position with a drawing in position, always an attack and a switch. Each position is, during some mothers a position prefers, others can a totally different position like differently. Everything, which you must do, is to be experimented and see, which position for you is best.

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