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Breast feeding and jaundice

Jaundice is a result of the accumulation in the blood of the Bilirubins, a yellow pigment, which comes from the classification of the older red blood cells. It is to be subdivided normally for the red blood cells, although the formed Bilirubin not normally causes jaundice, because the liver converts and then it in the intestine loose will her.

However the newborn baby becomes frequently
jaundiced during the first days because of the liver enzyme, which converts the Bilirubin, which becomes relative unreif. Therefore newborn babies have red blood cells than adults, and therefore subdivide more at any time.

Mother’s milk jaundice
There is a condition, which generally as mother’s milk jaundice characterized, although nobody knows, what it really causes. In order to determine it, the baby should be old at least one week. The baby should win with alone quiet also well and have lots chair courses with the exceeding of the clean urine.

In this kind of the attitude, has the baby, which as mother’s milk jaundice characterized. On occasion infection of the urine or a Unterarbeiten of the thyroid gland of the baby, as well as other one
rare diseases, which can cause the same kinds of problems.

Mother’s milk jaundice rises up at 10 up – 21 days, although it can, for 2 – 3 months lasts. Opposite too, which you can think, mother’s milk jaundice is normal. Rarely if necessary at all, chest does
drawing in necessity for even a writ to be stopped
Time period.

If the baby does well on mother’s milk, there is no reason at all to stop or supplement with a Laktierunghilfsmittel.

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