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Breast compression

The only purpose of the breast compression is to continue the river from milk to the baby as soon as the baby does not drink no more on its. Kompression suggests also left down reflex and causes frequently a natural let down reflex arise. This technology can useful also be for the following:
1. Poor weight gain in the baby.
2. Colic in the baby fed with mother’s milk.
3. Frequent supply or long supply.
4. Wound nipple for the mother.
5. Declining blocked risers
6. Feeding the baby, who falls sleeping fast.

If everything goes well, breast compression cannot be necessary possibly. If everything is good, the mother should permit the baby up to draw in terminate the first side, if the baby wishes more – offer the other side.

As one breast compression uses
1. The baby with an arm hold.
2. The chest with the other arm, thumb hold
on a side of your Brustes, your finger on the other one withdraws itself far from the nipple
3. An eye for drinking the baby hold,
although there is no necessity, over which a getting caught to be possessed, suck everyone. The baby receives more milk, when drinking with an opened kind of break from sucks.
4. If the baby or no more abnagt
drinking, it squeezes the chest together, not so hard that she injures. With the breast compression the baby should begin to drink again.
5. The pressure to the Babynr. maintained
longer beverages with the Kompression, release then the pressure. If the baby does not stop to suck with the release of the Kompression a point wait, before you squeeze yourselves together again.
6. The reason for releasing the pressure is too
Their hand to stand still let let begin to flow, and the milk to, baby again. If the baby stops to suck when you release the pressure, it begins again once it tastes milk.
7. If the baby begins to suck again it
can drink. If not, simply again squeeze together.
8. Continue to draw in on the first side to
the baby does not drink no more with Kompression. They should grant him time to remain on this side, until it begins again to drink on its.
9. If the baby does not drink any longer, grant
get to the chest or it eliminate.
10. If the baby wishes still more, offer
other side and repeat the process than above.
11. It is you wound nipple has, can you
sides would like like this several times scolded.
12. Always work, in order to improve the bolting device of the baby.

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