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Bone and back pain

In the entire body around 206 skeleton-like bones, those the long bones, are the short-circuit, the fat and the unequal bones close. Within the bones are red blood cells, (RBC), marrow, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. Magnesium is silvery white elements of metallic, which drive off from the organic means and work with calcium, in order to render itself support and strength to the muscles, those the bones attaches also, in order to defend the internal organs and the movement. Calcium is similar to magnesium, yet it is produced made of alkaline metals of the measures.

Skeleton-like muscles of the body give us the support, which we must shift, to stand to go, sit and so during the support of the situation. Muscles lock contract, shorten and extend. The muscle attachment to the bones, as well as chords. As soon as muscles begin contract to lock, stimulate they the muscle fiber, which draws in away from the movement neurons. The nerves exist expansions of the nerve cells, which are thread like and drives transfer outward from the body of the cells. (Newguessed/advised) the cell bodies are spread expansions of the nerve cells (neurons), which receive electrical signals from other nerves, which lead signals back to the body of the cells. This activity emerges from the dendrites. Dendrites average nerve drives the main area of the body over, which, if it is interrupted, can cause main difficulties. We designate this large, main system the central nervous system. (CNS) Dendrites are sometimes called also the tree, since it stores minerals, which crystallizes the system and which form of a tree forms. The CNS is a net of the neurons or nerve cells, which cover the muscle fibers. The fibers and the nerve cells chain together on and consist cell bodies, dendrites, newguessed/advised, of etc. – reports conveyed by these neurons, which are conveyed feelings to the brain and movement drives to carry in such a way, which reach the vital organs and muscles.

We use our muscles and the components, which are combined, in order to move. Skeleton-like muscles are over intermediaries also, since this energy send, which muscle contractions and to muscles – form as Atp caused. For muscles form also as adenosine triphosphate, ADP (adenosine Diphosphat phosphate) and hydrolysis. Hydrolysis is reactions, which arise with liquids. Thus chemical reactions with compound reactions emerge and cause fragmentation. Additionally, it reacts, by it two to produce or zustzlichere means, which can include a combined of glucose and/or the minerals also, etc.

Adenosine triphosphate is components of our RNS. The means of the adenine and the organic friction eye sugar, which form the components of the nucleic acid and the energy, which are carried over molecules. Friction eye has five-carbon sugar, which is discovered in living cells. Its components, RNS, plays a vital part in that metabolically structure, since means nucleic acids close, Riboflavin and Ribonucleotide exist. Riboflavin is necessary for growth and energy. The pigments exist orange-yellow crystals, which derive B from the complex of the vitamin. Riboflavin is also vital to the certain enzymes. Riboflavin admits sometimes as vitamin G and lactoflavin in addition.

We obtain clay/tone of our muscles, since they appear as owners. The activity causes to the obstacle a degree contractions, which subdivides the transmission of the nerve drives or the white kristallenen means for the muscles, which release from the ends of the neuron fiber (acetyl choline) by means of the enzymes, which admits as cholinesterase is.

The acetyl choline divides and breaks the enzymes of the brain, the blood and the heart it down in essigsaure (essigsaure) acids and in Cholin, which its suggestions suppressed and which affects nerves. The activity admits sometimes as acetylcholinesterase. Enzymes are proteins, which are complicated. The elements produce from the living cells and promote specific biochemical reactions. Enzymes appear as catalysts.

Each outlined element forms the parts of the body, which, if affected, to which back pain lead can. For example if the muscle clay/tone fails to the obstacle contractions, and breakdown of the nerve drive transmission at given time, overexerted muscles, which causes back the pain.