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Bill Philips Diet

Bill Philips-Eating for Life Diet

Bill Philips- Eating for Life Diet

Principle of the diet

The Eating for Life Diet emphasizes the concepts of enjoyable eating and eating often . Enjoyable eating: Eating should be enjoyable and satisfying, and not understood as a punishment. Eating often: In this diet you eat 6 small balanced meals per day because with infrequent meals, we tend to tend to eat foods in larger quantities than necessary in order to compensate for infrequent eating. . In contrast to typical diets, the Eating for Life diet does not completely eliminate certain components, like carbohydrates, but offers them in a reasonable portion and in combination with other foods. Phillips advocates feeding the body rather than starving it.

Foods in The Eating for Life Diet

Foods include plenty of water, vitamins, carbs, necessary fats and protein. The plan will teach you the proper quantity of food to eat, such as potatoes no larger than a fist and protein equivalent to your palm. You’ll eat throughout the day- 3 balanced meals, two day snacks and one after dinner. You’ll practice Eating For Life only six days, with the seventh being a freebie day to eat what you like without limitations. The bonus day doesn’t leave you craving much, as your meals for the six days can include french toast, eggs, filet mignon and even ice cream.

Advantages of the Eating for Life Diet Plan

  1. Eating for Life is very intuitive; it works with your body, not against it. Common sense gives you an intuitive feeling that you’re on the right path. For long-term success this is very important because you have to feel right about what you’re doing.
  2. Supporting scentific evidence: this is also important because if you know that you’re eating in a way that’s consistent with what scientific studies supported, you feel confident and this helps with long-term success.
  3. The diet offers a wide variety of options. Again, the focus is not on what you can or cannot eat, but rather on eating enjoyable meals in reasonable portions.

Side effects

The Eating for Life Diet plan is a generally healthy meal plan. If you have specific medical problems, you may wish to review your plan with a healthcare provider.

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