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Beginnings of the solid food

Mother’s milk is provides all your baby needs until at least 4 months of age. A time comes, if mother’s milk does not supply any more all food necessities for your baby. Term of office babies begin, iron from other sources to 6 – 9 months of the age to demand.

Some babies, who are not begun on firm food by the age by 9 – 12 months, can have a large level of the difficulty to accept firm food. It is really a development milestone, if your child begins firm food – as it grows up now.

When one begins
The ideal time to begin firm food is, if the baby interest shows, to begin on. Some babies show interest in the solid food, if it is switched on
Plates of their parents, already in 4 months of the age. By 5 – 6 months, most babies reach out and try to seize the food. If the baby begins to reach for food it is to be normally gone the time
give in front and it some.

Sometimes it can be a better idea to begin food early. If a baby seems, to keep hungry, or once weight gain not with the desired rate continues, can be good it to begin firm food in 3 months. It can breast feed alone less however be possible, continues and the baby having
hungry or fast growing.

With mother’s milk fed babies digest firm food better and early than artificially drawn in babies, because the mother’s milk of enzymes contains, which help, fats, to digest proteins and strength. Chest
drawn in babies had also a multiplicity of
different tastes in their life, there the flavors of many food, which the mother isst, exceed into their milk.

Introduction of the firm food
If the baby begins to take firm food at the age of 5 – 6 month there is very small difference, what it becomes begins, or which order it is presented.
They should however to avoid spicy food or to a high degree allergy-causing food first although if you
Baby for the potato on their plate, you should have let it reached it, if it is not too hot.

The food to their baby offer that it seems to be
inside interests. To their baby, to enjoy the food and not too much permit worry themselves over, how much it takes first, so much of it can on the floor or in its hair terminate somehow above.

The simplest way, iron for your baby with 5 too receive – 6 months of the age is, by giving it meat. Grain for children has to receive iron, although it is badly up-sucked and your baby can arrange, constipated.